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  1. Hi Friends. Everything except a 3W up for grabs today. I will entertain trades, offers, and package deals. Atmos Tour Spec Black 6S, Plays 45”, MMT +4 Grey NEW. PXG tip. Shafted in the PXG flat setting. $100.00 Srixon Z585 4-P, Modus 105 S, Standard Length, Lie 2* Flat, Standard Srixon Lofts(recently adjusted), MMT+4 Grey, Prosoft inserts. Used for 1 season. Normal wear. No browning. No paint fill. Grips pretty good. $400.00 4.5.6. 7.8. 9.P. Cleveland CBX2 50* and 58*, DG 115 Wedge, MMT+4 Pros
  2. Hi Friends 2 cool clubs up for grabs. Fedex shipping, US only. Trades considered, I like face balanced putters. $OLD Ttileist TS3 10.5 w/ Standard and +6 gram weights. Tensei Pro White, Boron Tip, 60S, Plays 44". Perfect top line. $OLD Apex '19 Hybrid. 20*. G.O.S.T 105, Stiff. Perfect top line. Face shows regular hybrid wear.
  3. Hi gear friends. Cool top of the bag items. Paypal preferred. U.S. shipping only. Trade offers considered. Titleist TS3 10.5* Tensei Pro White w/ Boron Tip 60S Playing length 44” comes with +6 gram weight and Standard weight | NO HEADCOVER | Condition: Above average, perfect top line, a few face splashes, Shaft has average bag wear, small scratch(pictured), gloss finish is worn from bag rub. $200 Apex 19 20* Hybrid GOST Shaft Stiff | HEADCOVER | I got this from another WRX’er I believe he had it built by Will People’s Clubs. This shaft is the r
  4. Cobra MIM 60* V08* Hi-Rev 125 2.0 S - Backyard Wedge never hit a full shot $70.00
  5. I have Srixon irons and Mizuno T20 wedges. I found the CBX2 50 was the perfect transition club between sets. LOVE the Srixon/Cleveland V-Sole. Visually the face has more grooves than I would normally like to look at but its performance more than makes up for it. I really like the satin finish. So much so I’m thinking about refinishing my irons. Go for it you won’t be sorry.
  6. Get rid of that old man shaft.
  7. Can’t drink a Ryder Cup.
  8. I played in Toledo last week. I think it was called Riverby. Played with two friends 2 walking 1 cart. Played the front 9 in 90 minutes, the back nine not so fast. I have a feeling the state of Ohio is going to be Michigan’s #1 golf destination this year. I have a longer adventure planned for next week. I’ll update you on Wednesday. Also, Cobra is shipping and building stock and custom orders. I have a MIM 60 on the way. The technology is to cool not to try.
  9. I’m looking to pick up a new lobber and everything here in Michigan is shut down. Has anyone purchased online lately? If so where have you been buying.
  10. Hello friends Tensei Blue 70X, TM Tip 2*, 43”, Golf Pride MMC +4 Standard$50.00 RoyMade weight kit for Titleist TS Driver and Fairway.Driver weights: -2, -4, -6, STD, +2, +4$OLD Fairway weights -2, -4, -6, STD, +2, +4$25.00
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