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  1. Looking for NDMC, new or new pulls. black/black or black/blue preferred. open to others, need at least 8 of them. LMK what you've got... thanks
  2. Open to all offers, please reach out. Also willing to do head only purchases if anyone is interested in that. Only trades interest would be for Mizuno MP-20 MMC or Srixon ZX7 Bridgestone J40 CB - 4-PW (4 iron is DPC head) - $300$250 shipped FedEx Modus 120X shafts with TV grips standard loft (4-23°, 5-27°, 6-31°, 7-35°, 8-39°, 9-43°, PW-47°) 2° upright, but haven't had them checked in a couple seasons Length - I measure the 5 iron at 38.25" at ~60° lie angle, normal progression in set. Swing Weight @ D3-D4 faces show wear, but are still in
  3. These won't make you play like Rickie Folwer, but your balls might believe it. Brand New, never tried on. Size M 32-34 all Swing Shift style 2 pack - Grey/Black Hexadot $35 shipped 2 pack - Black/Grey - Geode $35 shipped Night Camo - $20 shipped Sharks - $20 shippedBuy them all for $90 shipped
  4. **$old** Pulls from a set of Bridgestone irons. cleaned and prepped ready for re-install. Shaft bands in good shape Standard Bridgestone Lengths 3-Iron - 38" (I measured it at 38.125" thou) 4-Iron - 37.5" 5-Iron - 37" 6-Iron - 36.5" 7-Iron - 36" 8-Iron - 35.5" 9-Iron - 35" PW - 34.5" **$75 Shipped**
  5. Brand new, in plastic, with tags Color - Ocean Blue Long Sleeve - Size Large ****SOLD**** First picture taken outdoor in sunlight, second photo taken indoors, stock photo found online
  6. 3 Items today... if interested, feel free to make an offer... Enjoy the Ryder Cup, Go USA!!! TM Spider Black - 35" Superstroke GTR 2.0 Pistol grip Headcover included NOTE: Small nick on heal by the weight, cannot be seen at address (see pic) no blemishes other than nick - great condition PRICE - $OLD Shipped NEW - Fujikura Speeder Tour Spec 64 - Stiff Upgraded shaft professionally pulled from a Titleist 917D3 (tip not included) Measured just under 43.75" played standard in 917D3 with tip installed Lamkin Cord Grip Never used - Excellent condition PRICE DROPPED - $60 Shipped
  7. I land at 10AM at TPA on Monday Jan 22. Monday afternoon is really my only day to play a full round. have commits from 8AM to 5PM the rest of the week. Can't decide where to play.... I'd be a single. Pine Barrens, Innisbrook, Streamsong (would I be allowed as a single?) open to other suggestions too. thoughts?
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