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  1. Anyone know how much Glen Oak is in Glen Ellyn?
  2. Tough call, thanks for all the info. Leaning towards Shepherds but not crazy about the possibility of a dump smell and no range.
  3. We can only do the one day. Thanks for the offer. Shepherd’s Crook might be good for us.
  4. My brother and I are planning on going to Ryder Cup Saturday and will stay the night down in Kenosha. We’re hoping to play somewhere fun Sunday morning. I have thoughts of Hawk’s View or back north to Brown Deer? Anybody have any suggestions or which one between the two? Geneva National is a bit out of our budget.
  5. Watch Monte’s cast downswing. I believe Hogan had the intent of flexing his right wrist from the start of the downswing. In reality it didn’t happen fast enough so it accelerated his arms and pivot. There is no acceleration by holding a bent right wrist into impact. Nicklaus did the same thing. Dump the angles!!
  6. Bahle Farms is at the top of my most enjoyable golf courses to play. Absolutely beautiful course and will be playing it every time I’m in the area.
  7. I just used mine on Lawsonia Woodlands. 12 reg is an automatic 240-250 down the middle. I call it my mini driver.
  8. Mostly had fun at Lawsonia. Links is in great shape except for most of the bunkers as usual. Woodlands looked the exact same as last year with the same areas jacked up. Renovations?? Most annoying part was the Links didn’t cut new pins or mow the greens on a Sunday morning. No ranger to be seen in the morning too when a group was 1.5 holes behind all day. Charging $120 for the Links is steep (website says $98.50?), but $155 for unlimited is slightly better. Woodlands is no more than a $60 course. I usually like going to Lawsonia but this trip turned me off a little. Rode the Finn scooter which was a blast!
  9. I’m headed up there next weekend for 54 at the Links and 18 on Woodlands. I love the Links and it reminds me a little of Chicago GC. Would I rather play Pacific Dunes or Kapalua Plantation? Of course, but this is closer and way cheaper.
  10. In no order- Kapalua Plantation Pacific Dunes Chicago GC Butler National Whistling Straits
  11. 72 holes at Lawsonia this weekend. First time up there and excited to see the courses.
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