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  1. Hey all, I have 2 Ping shafts I am selling in a combo. Both shafts for $250. I don't want to sell separate. I would rather sell as package deal. Let me know.. Tour Ad DI 7TX (no tipping) 44 inches Has small mark near tip. Not that noticeable Z grip tip is G400** but I will include G410/425 for free Maru Red 60TX 43.5 Tour Issue Shaft is pured. Barely used. No marks at all. Has not even 10 rounds on it. Golf pride grip tip is 410/425
  2. Hey, I have a custom built from JessyJames golf a Ping 410 (9) Maru Red 60 TX. There is a little hotmelt in toe. Shaft is Pured. Shaft is 44.75. This has maybe 3 rounds outside. $425 OBO Ping Ad AD 7Tx Shaft only with 410 adapter. Has small mark on bottom. Barely notice. Length: 44.5 I will throw in 410 Adapter free of charge. $150 I would send total package together for $550
  3. Hello, I have attached a fantastic set of Tour Issue Nike/Miura irons. 3-PW. They are used but in GREAT SHAPE 8.0/10.0 NO browning at all. Shafts are S300 with brand new GP Tour Velvet grips. Given to me by a tour player no longer affiliated with Nike. They feel incredible. Just need to unload a set. S/S/S. $1000 OBO. Feel free to send offers. Thanks!
  4. Very impressed with CH3 ball striking this weekend. He has been working with Andy Plummer it looks like. Very rotary swing and going left. I noticed he was doing back right drills all round. Big fan of CH3. Hope he can win soon. Looks like he is well on his way.
  5. I have 2 tour issue putters for sale. 1. Tour issue Odyssey White Pro7 has insert. 33.5 with camo 2.0 Gt grip. Comes with headcover. It is not brand new has some wear but this is a tough putter to find. $260 OBO 2. Tour Issue Ghost Stingray 48 inches long. I tried long putter. Didn't take. No headcover $90 OBO
  6. I have a PGA TOUR issue Titleist 917 D2 Driver 8.5 loft. This driver was used by a PGA tour player this year. Shaft is a Orange Tensei 70TX $450 OBO
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