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  1. The same reason why I stripe it at the store, and then the first round....
  2. https://www.scottycameron.com/archives/putters/2007/limited-release/teryllium-ten-newport-25/
  3. Ive not seen one with satin finish like this one before. Its looks like a refinished putter to me. The way the face insert does not sit flush with the face, and the silicone around the face insert is not white which tells me its either a "reproduction" or refinish.
  4. Im almost certain its an update you install on your current Mevo Plus.
  5. So... I got an email few weeks ago about an upcoming update for the Mevo Plus, but did not say what it was... I just got an email yesterday about what the update is, which apparently will now use their Fusion Tracking which promises more accuracy and data parameters. Im not all that familiar with what this technology is other than what is disclosed on the website about it. Either way, Im really excited to see how much more this new update will improve on the technology.
  6. Looks good. Hope they maintained their dollar to performance ratio, and they will have another cult following Im sure.
  7. Im gonna be that pessimistic guy today... lol. Clubs last 2-3 years if you are lucky, and through any swing changes you make after, the clubs may not fit you so I would say it has the shortest benefit ratio. Having a home simulator, and having first winter season coming up with the new sim, we will see how much use it gets, but to be honest, tennis elbow and wrist take a beating on the mat on fat shots. I go through days where I might use it for 1-2 hours, and days when my elbows hurt too much, I might just use it to chip and pitch, but the "awesomeness" does wear off fairly quickly. I would say any technology is only relevant or useful for 4-5 years max, so your dollar stretches a bit further there. Being a member at a private course, I can tell you that its awesome as long as club keeps members to a reasonable number. Sounds like your potential membership comes with multiple courses, and thats a HUGE plus. I play 80% of my rounds at my home club, and after 7 years, I feel like Im ready to see other courses. Between the pool, tennis, and food, the family does get more use out of it, and it seems like your kids would eventually use the membership for themselves too. Sounds like a winner to me.
  8. What does the 2010 LTD Del Mar look like? Not asking to take putter out of packaging, but I cant seem to find info about it anywhere. Any stock photos? UNLESS you are referring to the Del Mar Buttonback?
  9. Im surprised Callaway CEO didnt fly down to your golf club, gather everyone who saw the incident for a public hearing to apologize, with free lifetime supply of golf balls rather than just one sleeve... Seems like crime committed here of selling defective golf balls to the general public, but more seriously, YOU, should get some heads rolling at Callaway, if not criminally liable for heinous crimes.
  10. Seems a bit too enthusiastic for someone who is just recommending it.
  11. Man I just browsed through some of the other stuff he sold and I cant believe he has a perfect rating on ebay with no negative feedback... Some of the stuff are blatantly fake, impossible to overlook. Which makes me think he might have hijacked someone's ebay account and selling fake clubs using their credentials. Either that, or there has to be some fake reviews because his feedback comments seem a bit too short and too over the top. Reason number 118 to avoid eBay.
  12. I was JUST having this discussion with some buddies based on my recent testing of both... Ive been gaming the new ZX5s since its release, so about 8-9 months now in the bag. Coming from Z585s, it was a natural transition with minimal break-in period, albeit different shafts. Few weeks ago, I decided to try a set of ZX7s and a set of MP20 MMCs to test against the ZX5s. (Ive tried both HMBs last year as well as MBs this year, but never MMCs). Few thoughts to share... 1. Distance is about same and very predictable. ZX7s and MMCs are within few yards of each other, and ZX5s are at least 1/2 club longer if not full club. Obviously lofts are bit stronger on ZX5s, although mine are bent 1 degree weaker. I do feel like MMCs requires bit more effort to get the same distance as ZX7s, but I think its mainly just perception. When compared to similarly struck shots with equal swing speed, they both carry exactly the same... I just feel like Im able to swing the ZX7s about 1-2 mph faster with similar effort. 2. Turf interaction is almost exactly the same. Yes, the Srixons have the V-Sole which helps with certain shots but Mizuno have always been great at grinds too. Maybe the ZX7s are touch more playable out of buried thick rough, but I find MMCs to be slightly better at really tight conditions. 3. Softness winner goes to ZX7s, but only just. I feel like its not a comparison of softness, but rather what KIND of soft... MMCs have more of a meaty softness while ZX7s I would call more spongy soft. I think a lot of that has to do with metals used, and I think all newer Mizunos which uses the HD Grain Forged all share similar feel. MMCs feel few grams heavier to me. I dunno if thats perception or reality, but I can only describe the difference in feel related to the weight of the head. Just has that meatier launch compared to the ZX7s. 4. Forgiveness and Playbility winner is ZX7s, but once again JUST. Maybe its opticals, but longer blade length of the ZX7s are bit more confidence inspiring for my TOE misses, but I do find MMCs to be very surprising on how forgiving it is on mishits. Shots that I feel like should have never gotten to the target seems to carry longer than expected, and lateral misses are about the same. Obviously, these arent as forgiving as the ZX5s, but whether you are 10 yards short or 5 yards short, misses are misses, and these do fairly good job of hiding less than perfect hits. The most notable differences between the two comes in the MID IRONS. I dont play 3-4 irons, so 5 iron is the longest iron in each sets, but I feel like ZX7s are bit more forgiving in the 5-6 irons than the MMCs. Once again, maybe its the longer blade length, but I would prob opt for HMBs in the mid-irons for my game. 5. Looks goes to MMCs for me, as longer I look at ZX7s side by side, I find them to be slightly too busy in the cavity. Previous owner removed all the paint fill on the ZX7s which looks great but the new MP20 MMCs are the best version of these multi-material design Mizuno has made to date. Having said this, I wish Mizuno did the satin finish instead of the chrome, but thats just my personal preference and does not take away from how clean they look. Slight downside to the ZX7s are they are SO soft that after few rounds, they show their wear and tear really quickly. So... which one will I game for the remainder of the season? Thats the dilemma which has me scratching my head before every round... Played slightly longer course yesterday so I took the ZX5s out. If I were to play my home course which isnt particularly long but really firm and fast greens, I prefer either the ZX7s or MMCs. If I had to just choose one... It would have to be the ZX7s however. Its the right balance of all things considered, in my opinion.
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