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  1. Seems like you need to try Recoil Prototype series in either 110 or 125. Im no rock climber myself and my hand strength wont even take the doors off my kid's Powerwheels, but I use a Recoil Proto 110 F5 Soft Stepped into set of Srixons and Recoil Proto 125 F5 Soft Stepped into a set of Mizuno JPX 919 Forged. My Mizunos came with stock Recoil 95 F4, but compared to Protos, its very loose and feels weak compared to Prototypes. I can practice and play longer with these without arm or hand fatigue. If I was a better ball striker, I might not need them, but it definitely helps with my t
  2. People have their picks, but I dont think any irons feel as pillowy as Miuras. Mizunos have gone away from soft mushy feeling to more firm but solid while sounding soft and the SEL option trades soft for playbility in the mid/long irons. PXG's softness feels more artificial due to their insert technology. I feel like 620CB and T100 feels indistinguishable from each other sharing familiar Titleist feeling. If I had to pick one, 620CB feels maybe touch softer? Truly hard to tell. So from that list, Miura is prob the softest feeling.
  3. I have the same Stability shaft and I called them to see what was up with the color scheme. They told me this graphics was the tour issued version, before the retail models, with more striking graphics but same as retail shaft in performance and technology.
  4. The best thing would be to measure from tip to graphics, or various measurements and see how much its been tipped, if at all, from the factory. I would say that head weights of different drivers are different, and even few grams difference can make an impact on how the shaft flexes, but since you referred to PING G400 (Which has one of more heavy heads compared to say Callaway, and definitely heavier head than Cobra SZX which I think comes in at 196-198 grams) having a stiffer feel, I think you can rule that out. Are the shaft length the same? Depending on the length of shaft, it will also alt
  5. I like the feeling of shafts that hits the ball where I aim. Good feeling shafts that ends up 50 yards left or right doesnt feel that great to me once Im dropping one.
  6. Love SM bags, Ive owned my fair share of different models. Durability is not their strong suit, but cant beat the combination of weight and space. I still feel like there are better bags with better pockets to keep everything neat and organized (PING just does it right when it comes to useful pockets), but for what you get (full size bag level compartments) in a super light package, its a winner.
  7. Having gamed both, and this is my experience only, DI doesnt spin more or less than the TP. It does seem to flight slightly higher, but not even that noticeable. The biggest difference between the two has been feel, as the TP is balanced slightly higher than the DI, which makes it load easier for me. DI seems to have a bit more kick in the lower sections of the shaft, but TP has smoother transition from tip to butt. TP reminds me more of the Diamana DF Im playing now, and DI reminds me more of the ZF I gamed before. Just my experience.
  8. Ive seen Recoils come up on BST for around $150, so thats prob your best bet. Steelfibers tend to come up around here for bit more for a nice set.
  9. They seem a bit off to me. Usually the grooves on the grips are more contoured, deeper, and rounded off. Maybe its just the lighting. A close up pic of the grip will help. Thank you.
  10. Anyone know the stock head weight of Cobra SZ (Not Xtreme) head? Mine just arrived in matte finish, and head weight is 198g without adapter, which seems pretty normal to me, but I thought I remember F9 being somewhere around 193 range. Anyone measured their head weight on the SZ that can help?
  11. I know that either cutting the shaft at the tip (tipping) will make the shaft bit stiffer due to trimming away the narrowest (therefore softer) part of the shaft. I also know that shortening the shaft at the butt section will make the CPM go up on the shaft, as shorter the shaft gets, stiffer it gets (which is why 5w is heavier than 3w). But given the properties of shaft, or EI BEND PROFILE, would it not change completely its natural designed profile, when either cutting from tip or butt end? For example: You turn a 44.5" driver shaft into a 3W shaft by cutting away about 2.0" to 2.5" of mater
  12. Is that a factory or aftermarket sightline on the SC? It seems a bit off center, but maybe its just way the pic is.
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