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  1. Ive gamed them for few weeks and they are still part of my rotation... I would be gaming them right now except I found a good relationship with some ZipCore Tour Racks, however long the relationship may last... Few things. Im no short game guru, but I do have a pretty good wedge game. My handicap is around 7, I mainly save a lot of pars as my GIR has been very poor for few years, relying heavily on my wedge game to do it. I go through about 2 sets of wedges per season, not due to wear but just to freshen things up when the feeling goes "dull". Few things Ive discovered
  2. As long as you leave it in neutral, it should just change the swing weight and perhaps bit of launch angle. I think at that heavy weight, it might affect the MOI dramatically when in heel or toe setting. It might work out tho. I would think PING engineers designed the head to be played within reasonable margin from stock weight, but who knows? Maybe you will unlock a whole new level of awesomeness.
  3. Sheesh... I wish their new stuff were indestructible as these... I feel like at some point, they figured out that if they continued to make irons that looks new like these after 20 years, they will be out of business. GLWS!
  4. I found that I liked the G400 sound and feel a bit more, but maybe Im alone in that. I personally liked the G400 LST more in every way, even the looks. I will say that G425 LST is another animal tho in terms of stability. Still miss my G400 LST and wish I never sold it.
  5. That also depends on your top end of the bag as well... If you carry both 3w and 5w, most likely lofts will be 15 and 18 respectively. I would say that it makes most sense for your hybrids to be 21 and 24 from there. If you only carry one FW (3W or 4W), then it would make more sense to even carry 3 hybrids at 19 - 22 - 25. But to answer your question, 25 is typical loft these days for a 5 hybrid. I have found that different hybrid heads perform so differently from one another, that you should demo all lofts and see which one fits your gaps. I fee
  6. You dont need a PC, the same subscription is available on the iOS. I do run it on a PC however as graphics quality is superior, and overall feels quicker. This is their recommended hardware list: RECOMMENDED: Intel i5 Processor 8GB RAM Nvidia 1070 Graphics Card or equivalent (Dedicated GPU with DirectX 11 Support) 25GB of Hard Drive Space Windows 10 (Required) Internet Connection (Required) I will say that Im running it on a far slower graphics card and it works fine without any lags or stutters. But Im also r
  7. Best 4 hybrid is one that flies higher than your 4 iron, carries about 5-10 yards longer than your 4 iron, and yet stops quicker like a 6 iron. I would say for 2 or 3 hybrid, its more about distance but I feel like 4 hybrid should be more versatile, like when you are in 5 iron distance but bad lie, carry over hazard etc. PING have always been consistent in terms of spin and launch with minimal hot spots. The new G425 is no exception. I have a lot of Mizunos and they are very good. Feel is bit more harsh than I like but launch angle is very consistent for me.
  8. Thats not even that good of a deal. You can find new ones or LIGHTLY used ones for not that much more. Tip work seems sketchy too. I would avoid like COVID.
  9. Not to doubt "Special Edition" but isnt that just JDM Callaway stock shaft on a standard Epic Max head? As far as I know, there is no "Special Edition" or "Tour AD Edition". Someone correct me if Im wrong but I dont see any info on such editions, but some identical shaft on Epic Flash drivers from Japan.
  10. Gonna hit the back button now to avoid picking up 2 or 3 of these sets and have morning remorse... Awesome stuff at great prices.
  11. If I remember correctly, I think the PW for A weight heads are supposed to be around 290ish. Typically B weight heads are about 3 to 4 grams lighter to make up for 1/2" longer shafts in swing weight.
  12. Looks like you can swap the 5i and 4i shafts and have the stepping a lot closer than before. Might have to butt extend the 5i shaft since it will be shorter by 1/2". I actually play a complete different shafts in my long irons, so from a perspective of consistency, I dont think it matters. In a perfect world, yes 5i should feel exactly the same as 6i which feels the same as 7i, but in real world, I tend to swing them differently so the "feel" is different anyway. Soft stepping Steelfibers is actually a common practice anyway, since they tend to p
  13. Times are crazy... Things are definitely not normal... I cant imagine working for USPS right now, with all the extra work and stress of dealing with pandemic traffic of delivery goods on top of all the mails... Im not saying what happened to you is right, or that I dont cringe when I see that box, but we should try understand things get damaged, lost, stolen, and sometimes broken in half. Just feel like people dont give enough credit where its due. But yes, like you said, insure always regardless of who you ship with.
  14. Its the OG M grind. Bend it to 60, and you will have 10 degrees of bounce. Its more forgiving than the sole width suggests. I always play M grinds on my lob wedge, as I rarely ever play the club with square face. Toe and heel relief will help with face manipulation.
  15. Is that middle divider bent? I wasnt sure so I checked on the website and it doesnt look like its supposed to be bent like that. Is it just outside cover being skewed?
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