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  1. That looks like Tiger Nick's work. And it looks like his Black Nitride finish, although I think he has something new now. BN is a nice durable finish. Beauties.
  2. I play a DF in my backup driver (always loved the feel of Diamana). Ive had WB before in various generations. Ive also played a lot of GD shafts in various flavors. I dont know that Ive played a shaft that felt similar to the WB from GD line, but one that gave me similar flight and feel would have to be the BB line. I think the BB felt bit more loose in the mid section (much closer to Blue Board) but felt bit more tip firm than the Blue Board, which made me think of WB profile. EI Bend profile might contradict me, but that was from my experiment. The GT line felt like i
  3. I recently acquired a custom Scotty Circle T which was made for him (Long time PGA Tour Caddy). Its a cool putter, and that sound slot is pretty amazing. I would love to setup a home golf simulator setup for my two boys, and I was hoping to sell this prized putter of mine to help fund the project. I was hoping to list it here on BST before elsewhere, but I have no idea how to go about appraising the value of this putter. Ive seen prices vary quite a bit, and I have no idea where to even start. Are there some people here on WRX who can appraise so
  4. Does anyone know if the app gets the GPS data from phone or watch? I have the LTE Watch with built in GPS, and just curious if yardages displayed is from the phone (which is in the cart most of the time) or from the watch. It would potentially affect yardages, although with bluetooth range of about 33 feet, it cant be off that much.
  5. Just received my ZX5 this morning. Ordered a ZX Utility 23 Degree but did not arrive as part of this shipment. I did however get the ZX 3 Hybrid. Specs I ordered were: -2 FLAT LIE +1 LOFT PX LZ 6.0 Hard Stepped Standard Length MCC +4 Align I put the KBS Prototype Hybrid 85S in the ZX Hybrid. The highs were in low 40s today, so just hit a few shots with my Garmin G80 on my home hitting mat. Just wanted to get the look and feel of them, since I honestly havent even seen it before I ordered it. I was gaming the Z585 until last we
  6. Dont think its an "aftermarket" job. Those tungstens are impossible to mill and if the middle material really is titanium (never felt a titanium putter before), the face milling was done with the tungsten weights in place, which is another technical challenge thats not easily done with any milling machine. The lines and everything looks legit like a Rossie, but the alignment lines say otherwise. Interesting for sure.
  7. I just acquired a cheap but interesting putter on ebay... It was a Tad Moore Mallet 1996 First Run. Upon receiving it, I checked to see the face balance of the putter, expecting slight toe hang to perfectly face balanced. Oddly, Ive never seen this before, but the toe actually sticks UP NOT DOWN when balanced. I own my fair share of putters at home (Up to about 50 now? Thanks WRX!) but I havent seen a reverse toe hang before. Anyone have any experience or thoughts?
  8. Are there any markings that shows its Odyssey? Not to cast any doubt in the authenticity or anything, but just curious if its been verified in any way by Odyssey that its theirs.
  9. Its bit more involved than just weight I believe. While you can get the swing weight to be similar between two similarly weighted drivers... Each driver head has different performance characteristics which also changes the way the shaft performs in that particular head. The head design (MOI, CG location) has a bigger impact on the golf ball than the shaft, and simply switching to same shaft between drivers will not yield similar results. Which is why matching driver shafts and 3w shaft doesnt really yield similar feel or meet performance expectat
  10. Ive carried 15. Ive carried 16 before. I still only use 10 maybe. If you got the back for it, then go for it I say. Rule should be that if you carry more than 14, you have to walk.
  11. My opinion is that... IF you already have swing problems to begin with, new set of irons wouldnt help much with that, although most of us here, including myself, would ignore that and keep trying to find improvements. IF your swing was semi dialed in to start with, and new set of irons doesnt not improve your ball striking or any improve in any other parameters like consistency, distance, height, etc, then I say its a bad fit and need to revisit your clubs choices. Too often, I see players having to adjust to their clubs to a point where their swing is no l
  12. Looks real. Ive seen fake versions of these and its pretty obvious on the first glance thats its not genuine. Having said this, that price isnt even all that great at $340 plus shipping not to mention sales tax now on Ebay. Ive seen these pop up here for far less than that at a better condition. I wouldnt pay more than $250 for that putter with fake grip, and I think most experienced BST members would agree.
  13. Driver, 4 wood, 4 hybrid, 6 IRON, 7 IRON, 8 IRON, 9 IRON, 50 DEGREE WEDGE, 56 DEGREE WEDGE, PUTTER? Without knowing how far you hit your clubs, its hard to say which would be best for you, but for my swing and distance gaps, this would allow me to play badly without blaming the clubs for my awful score.
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