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  1. Excellent news there gjjtr5, that is exactly the info I was looking for. I will give Titleist a bell in the week to confirm the makeup of my set. At least mt mind is put at rest and I should be able to swing with ease!! ;-)
  2. Thanks Miknow, very interesting read there. So potentially I got a bit of a bargain. I don't suppose theres any way of telling for sure though, without any serials to reference.
  3. The only info I could find on the web regarding this was related to tour issue clubs, but what does that actually mean!? :-) Many Thanks Sam
  4. Hi all, I have recently purchased a set (4-PW) of AP2 712,s. Although I did not purchase them from an official outlet they did come from a reputable trader (http://www.affordablegolf.co.uk). Now, whilst I did do my due dilligence whilst researching about the many fakes that are out there, I am still a touch concerned as my 6 iron has no serial number etched on it, it does however have the Titleist Authentication hologram on the shaft, (DG S300). The clubs themselves I'm 99% sure are genuine, the quality of the actual club heads are exactly the same as I've seen in person and from officia
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