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  1. My biggest thing right now is wanting to get back the desire to want to play. There’s been times my hands are already hurting after just a couple swings. I’ll give Advil a shot maybe it’ll help keep the discomfort to a minimum during the round. Thank you
  2. it’s interesting you mention the wrists and forearms. Despite my main issue being in both my hands I find my wrists and forearms to be sore after a round. This soreness lasts a few days as well. Thank you for your advice/insight.
  3. I have used DG stiff steel shafts for years. I’ve tried to develop an angle of attack that allows me to sweep the ball more than hitting down on it. It helps when I execute it, but I haven’t been able to practice/play enough to develop the repetition. The graphite shaft idea is a good one, I think that’s something I’ll have to research and go for.
  4. I have tendinosis in both of my hands and it causes me a good deal of pain both during/after my round of golf. It has affected my level of play, and enjoyment for the game of golf for years now. I have tried a larger grip, but the help that provides me seems to be minimal. I am certain part of the issue is my current swing, as I try to compensate for the pain & discomfort I know I am about to feel at/after contact. But I am not looking for a playing lesson here. Does anyone have a equipment, glove, brace, ointment, trick, or anything else that has helped them if they’ve be
  5. I really appreciate everyone’s replies. Going to do some experimenting and will report back with my progress!
  6. Hey everyone, I'm a young 29, but I have dealt with pain in my hands for quite a while now. I have gone from playing golf 5 days a week, to weekly, to monthly, to just a few times a year now. I do not believe I have arthritis, but my condition is something similar to tendonitis. My hands don't hurt unless I put strain on them, yardwork can do it, even sometimes my first swing on the range aggravates them. Tough to get through 18 without them really hurting. Just wondering if anyone has dealt with something similar and if oversized grips have helped them. I'm looking to play more often or e
  7. Free Fedex TWO-DAY Shipping... $525 Shipped Titleist AP2 716 Forged Iron Set Right Handed 4-PW (7 clubs) TT DG AMT S300 steel stiff shafts Standard loft, lie & length Good condition 8.0 out of 10.0 AW pictured has been sold separately. No trades at this time.
  8. Sorry I'm not interested in trades at this point. Thanks for the interest.
  9. Looking to sell my Titleist AP2 716 Forged Iron Set 4 - PW, AW (8 clubs) Right Handed Standard Lie, Length Standard Stiff, Steel True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT S300 shafts They are in Good Condition, I'd rate them a 8.0 out of 10, with minor wear and bag chatter. $600 w/ Fedex 2-Day Shipping CONUS
  10. All prices include EXPEDITED SHIPPING CONUS. Can ship outside USA as well. No trades requests please. Titleist AP2 714 Forged Iron Set 4-PW, AW Iron Set Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 Steel Stiff Flex Very Good Condition Standard Specs $499 $460 SOLD SHIPPED Titleist AP2 714 Forged Iron Set 4-PW, AW Iron Set Men Right Hand Shaft: FST KBS Tour Steel Stiff Flex, -0.50 inch Length Very Good Condition $499 $460 SOLD Titleist AP2 714 Forged Iron Set 5-PW Iron Set Men Right Hand Shaft: FST K
  11. The ad says sold, buyer backed out and that's why they are relisted. Whether if they sell here or there I'll take this listing down as soon as possible so no one is confused.
  12. Hey guys, My wife has them listed on EBay. Those are my pictures, I promise. If I need to verify somehow just let me know. Just trying to get rid of these asap. Thanks for the interest, Vinny
  13. Right Handed Titleist AP2 716 Forged Iron Set Dexterity: RH Set: 4 - PW (7 clubs) Shaft: Dynamic Gold S300 Stiff Steel Grips: Golf Pride Condition: Very good (less than 10 rounds on them) $550 firm w/ free expedited shipping
  14. I have added some pictures to the posting. PM me if interested. At this time I am not interested in trades. Thanks everyone
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