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  1. Scrambles are fun, but in no way represent normal golf scoring. Many scramble are charity events where you can buy "mulligans." The last one I played in the three other golfers each bought 5 mulligans, so in essence we had 15 extra shots! Scrambles are good for the charity, good for the ego, but can't be confused with golf when it comes to scoring.
  2. Went to my local Dick's to buy Srixon golf balls with the coupon. At the checkout I was told the coupon was a fake. The cashier even checked with the manager.
  3. I picked up a used XLS at Golfsmith for $40. I wanted to try a driver with less loft than my TM Burner HT. The XLS is 10.5 degree, with regular flex. I used it last week and really pleased. For now, it will stay in the bag. Flight was consistent, and a little lower than the TM. Distance was maybe a little longer. The shot shape was similar. Very pleased with the purchase!
  4. This could be the one to knock my 40 year old MacGregor napa style putter out of the bag! I sure hope so.
  5. I love ping irons. Currently using G10's, and still wish I had my old Eye 2's. These new irons look great, and I know they play as good, if not better than they look.
  6. I've got an '07 Burner HT, regular shaft, and haven't looked for another driver since I bought it. But I know what you're talking about - some of the graphics (not just TM) would be very distracting to me.
  7. I ordered an extra headcover from them once, and they threw in a handful of ball markers (the kind that attaches to the brim of your hat), along with a putting DVD. Never ordered a club though.
  8. Been playing ~45+ years and have gone through a bunch of putters. The one in the bag now might stay a few years - LOL. I got it at a tag sale for $2. Its a 1980's MacGregor Muirfiled, Jack Nicklaus, napa style putter. Nothing fancy about it, but it rolls the ball nice, and fits my eye. The above, however, is subject to change after any future round. LOL
  9. This is the 2nd Christmas in a row that I really don't need or want anything golf-related. However, I hope everyone gets what they are asking for.
  10. Gift card to your golfer's favorite golf store. Or a "blank check" would suffice nicely!
  11. Early in the Summer I picked up a MacGregor Jack Nicklaus Muirfield blade for $2 at a tag sale. I never thought I was a good enough putter to use a blade (napa style) putter. I took it to the local course's practice green, and its been in the bag since. Great feel and simple lines.
  12. I use the TM Burner HT driver (13.5 degrees) and can hit it off the fairway if its not cut too close. My next longest club is a TM 16.5 four wood.
  13. I'm using a MacGregor, Jack Nicklaus Muirfield napa-style putter that I found at a "tag" sale for $2.00. Its a big diffrerence from the Craz-E putter I'd been using and forces me to concentrate on good contact and technique. I'm still not a "good" putter but I'm getting better.
  14. Are you allowed to add tape to a putter topline? Seems to me if you can add lead tape to a club, it would be legal. If so, just cut a strip of electrical tape to match the top line (or duct tape). Would be simple. Just a thought.
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