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  1. 1. City and State? Phoenix, AZ 2. Handicap? 8.6 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes, I play twice a week. 4. Current Iron setup? Mizuno JPX 921 tour 5. What is the top thing you look for when buying new irons? Feel 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes!
  2. No trades SIM Max rocket 3W hzrdus green 6.5 with headcover. One round. $250 SM8 54S and 58D Vokey SE all stock. One round. Sold
  3. Taylormade TW wedges 56 and 60 all stock. $285 shipped
  4. I have a set and have been a long time Vokey player. Everyone I have tried other brand wedges I come running back to Vokey. These however are great. Nice feel, can hit open faced, closed faced. Tons of spin.
  5. I have all of them. Played M and D for the last year. I just got both TW wedges and have spent a few hours chipping with them. The TW 56 has alot more heel relief and just wants to lay open. The 60 not as much both both have leading edge relief that is easier off tight lies. But the TW wedges also dig easier. The 60 is easy to hit toe down low spinners. I typically use a forward press on my wedges so keep that in mind. First round today I’ll know more after that.
  6. No trades 1. Ben Hogan gs53 4w with stick hazardous 6.0 and headcover. One round $170 2. Ben Hogan Combo 4-p with recoils stiff in 4 iron utility and kbs 110 tour v stiff in 5-p. $550 3. Vokey blackout sm8 54d and 58m. One round. Sold 4. TW MG2 stock 56. One practice session. $170
  7. No trades please 1. Tour Edge EXS pro hybrid 16 degree with stock tensei 70 stiff. No headcover, a few rounds. $170 2. TaylorMade SIM UDI 3 with stock 90 stiff thump. One round. Sold
  8. No, terrible course. I’d rather not play
  9. No trades please 1. Cleveland zip core mid 50, one round. Sold 2. Vokey SM8 black 54F and 58M all stock. One round no practice. Sold 3. Cobra Pars and Stripes SZ with headcover. $380
  10. I had the same issue. It took me awhile to get used to squaring it. I still may go back to my SIM though.
  11. Vokey chrome SM8, 58/8 M grind and 54/10 S grind. No trades, used a few rounds. $200
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