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  1. Adam Scott was cruising along 3 off the lead when he got the "Tiger 2013" bad break of hitting the pin on 15.....ball in water & double bogey. Never regained momentum after that. Will need a solid 2 rounds to have a chance.
  2. Keep the throwbacks coming! Love to see more companies bring back popular classic stuff.
  3. Very interesting, Adam isn't exactly a short hitter and has been pretty vocal in the distance/course setup discussions. Also, what shoes are those ? They don't look like the 1857s he's been wearing for over a year.
  4. I never really hit the 917, didn't like the look and wasn't looking for a change at the time. I tested the TS3 last year for a few weeks and it definitely was a bit longer than my 915 but the dispersion wasn't as tight. I've been considering the TS4 as well simply for the smaller head size, performance wise I doubt it would be any longer than the TS3 but the comfort of looking at a smaller head interests me. The TSi3 head shape actually makes 460CC look more compact. I'll test it out when I can on the course in a few weeks, from the data I've seen in this thread it seems like the TS3 and T
  5. Don't think I'll be upgrading this year, although haven't hit the TSi3 yet so it could change my mind. I don't believe the numbers will be much different than my current gamer. I do think it could be what replaces my 915 down the road though if the sound and feel are as good as they say. Probably won't be able to find mint condition 915D3 heads these days.
  6. Really happy to see Kokrak get it done. Been a solid tour player for a decade and just couldn't get it over the line.
  7. I still believe "bomb/gauge" is best countered by firm/fast conditions. Certainly not always possible with weather but given the good conditions leading up to Winged Foot there was no excuse to have the greens as soft as they were. It gave a massive advantage to guys like Bryson who could still stop the ball out of the rough when they're already hitting less club in than the field average. Riviera, Olympia Fields & most Open Championships would show that long rough doesn't always equate to higher scores. Making fairways important will be accomplished with firmer greens that are more di
  8. The shape of the TSi3 looks excellent, 460CC but it looks more compact with the traditional, pear shape.
  9. Not sure why the featured groups are the same tomorrow, hilarious the live shot tracker the Masters rolled out hasn't been picked up by anybody else.
  10. Probably testing different fairway setups, He hasn't gamed two fairway woods for a long time.
  11. The TS3 update looks pretty good and I'll probably test it out at some point in the "off season" but am more interested to see what they do with the TS4 replacement. I hope Titleist decides to stick with a smaller CC offering but the market on them is slim.
  12. Big congratulations to Morikawa, played like a champion over the weekend and that drive on 16 just sealed the deal. The Tournament definitely had a bigger feel to it but still adrift of the major championship vibe. I think the lack of fans had a negative effect on the bigger names/veterans who are used to that atmosphere.
  13. I don't think the PGL has legs on it's own but then again 2020 has proved nothing is for certain. After looking at which players have been linked, the common theme I see is players who have spent significant portions of their careers playing international golf. I think the PGL is getting ready for a scenario where the European Tour needs a lifeboat and they can partner up to co manage a competitor to the PGA Tour. Whether they succeed or not remains, I personally thought the whole COVID world economy situation would put the PGL on the backburner but it might have the opposite effect. I sti
  14. Pretty tough to pick just one venue, lots of great options! Strictly going off what I believe to be the best courses for major championship golf I'd go with the following..... The Masters: Augusta National PGA Champ: Oak Hill US Open: Olympic Club The Open: Muirfield
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