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  1. Adam Scott with seven 3s to finish out his round which included 2 eagles.
  2. Quail Hollow is a solid venue, however going to be tough to follow Royal Melbourne! That week was some of the best course conditions at any event in a long time.
  3. Another great event with a rotation of strong courses dropped from the schedule next year.
  4. All feels right in the world seeing him with that putter even if it's not the old one. That bronze/honey finish is definitely one of my favorite Cameron finishes, would be cool to see it brought to retail but we all know that will never happen.
  5. The driver sucks. Mods please close the thread!
  6. Anybody else unable to get "The One Club" working ? Trying to watch featured groups and just getting continuous errors.
  7. Adam Scott has altered his driver setup again this week ahead of the Open Championship. He's got a TSI4 in play with his old AD-DI 8X with the goal of becoming an accurate driver again moving away from chasing speed.
  8. Adam Scott has put the 680MBs back in for the PGA Championship this week.
  9. This is part of a new podcast called "Fairgame" Ben is co-hosting with Adam. The first 5 episodes were Masters focused but moving forward will be covering a range of topics, wouldn't be surprised to hear them talk watches. Also if you didn't know, Adam appeared on Hodinkee radio in 2018 with Ben talking watches.
  10. He hit the 7 wood on 13 this week. His 3 wood still has the Rombax P95 in it.
  11. More likely was told to remove them if he wants to play this week.
  12. The next time I start missing towards the toe consistently I'll hit up OEM of choice and get a driver designed for that....
  13. Adam Scott has put the TSI2 driver in the bag this weekend with the Fujikura Ventus Red.
  14. In general I'd say no, however I'd be fine with them when the temperature is above a certain number.
  15. Thanks for the info, cheers Must've missed that, thanks.
  16. Well you will be happy to know Titleist posted a WITB video with him today showing the Autoflex back in
  17. Not sure why he hasn't gone back to either the KK or DI, he had a ton of success with both of those shafts but I wonder if he's looking for higher spin shafts as the driver heads keep dropping in spin.
  18. I agree, it's one thing to get in a rhythm hitting driver in succession on the range but out on the course it was probably difficult to time it up considering the rest of his bag have more "traditional" shafts.
  19. I think it's disappointing API has been given such a poor slot on the schedule. This was inevitable once the tour bumped the Players back to March and I understand it was largely due to the PGA moving up but the old schedule was far more balanced. The no cut, guaranteed money WGCs should be moved to the fall season if they really want to host them, but I'd be in favor of eliminating them completely. I know the tour wants more "best vs best" but that happens enough without the need to manufacture it.
  20. His next tournament is the Players next week.
  21. Adam is back to the Ventus Red as of R4 this week. Not sure if he's been using it the first 3 rounds.
  22. I'm curious about that too. He drove it great both in weeks in Hawaii with the Fujikura and then his driving dropped off a cliff once the Autoflex showed up at Farmers. Obviously he's seen success with it or he wouldn't still be gaming it but under pressure it hasn't worked so far.
  23. Quite a soft decision to suspend play, I get that balls were rolling on greens but at least keep the players in position and see what happens.
  24. Ok but the video shows a different story, it's in his palm for over 10 seconds and then placed on the ground. After placing it on the ground he wiped his hand on the towel which could infer that mud came off the ball. Not saying he did but that it looked suspicious.
  25. I think the debate on whether or not it was embedded has been covered....... One aspect of this that hasn't been covered is the fact he might have cleaned his ball prior to the ruling. If you watch the video he has the ball in his palm for some time and then after he places it down, cleans his hand on the towel. I'm not saying he did anything wrong but it looked suspicious and I believe your only allowed to clean your ball if it's been ruled embedded which although it was deemed to be, the ball was potentially cleaned BEFORE the ruling.
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