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  1. Just got done with a driver fitting with Jake at Stripe Show based on the recommendations from this thread, and couldn't be happier with the fitting. I've been fit at a few of the popular spots in DFW, and Jake was by far the best. His fitting studio is perfect for one on one fittings, and he had every head and shaft in multiple weights/flexes. To top it off, he had all of the components in stock and built my driver right after the fitting so I was able to take it home same day.
  2. Decided on going the TSi3 route, so have some minty TSi2 fairway heads up for sale. These have only had a couple of rounds and a few range sessions with thorough cleaning after each time. Prices included shipping in CONUS and brand new headcovers are included too. Note I will not be able to ship until Monday due to travel, but if purchased by this afternoon then I will try my best to get shipped out today. Thanks for looking! TSi2 15 degree head only - $SOLD TSi2 18 degree head only - $230
  3. Will respond in order of PMs received. Prices include shipping to CONUS. I take a lot of pride in keeping my equipment in great shape, so please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! 1. Tensei Pro White 70 TX tipped 0.5", Titleist adapter, Played 43" in TS3, Standard Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 - $150 2. Titleist TS3 19* Hybrid ***HEAD ONLY*** BNIP Headcover (no wrench) - $125
  4. Some of the best Nikes ever and Rory was wearing them for his last major win. Just saying...
  5. Can anyone share their experiences with the 2020/2021 irons vs Z785s? I'm currently considering a switch from the Z785s and all of these are on my radar. Thanks!
  6. Following. Would also like to hear people’s experiences with these three.
  7. You da man. Still think Roshe Tours are the best of the current lineup. Thanks!
  8. Following. Would also like to hear how people are getting along with the 921s.
  9. Love the TCU shoutout. Go Frogs! Would love to see what the purple paint scheme looked like.
  10. Can you compare the 921 Tours vs Z785s in terms of forgiveness and distance? I've been looking at switching to the 921 Tours from Z785s. Also, are you playing the same shaft in the 921 Tours that you had in the Z785s? Thanks!
  11. Can anyone compare the 7MC and 921 Tours to the Z785s? I know Z785 lofts are stronger, but besides that just wondering people’s thoughts. Thanks!
  12. Anyone have a comparison between the 921 Tours and Z785s? I know lofts aren't apples to apples, but just wondering how forgiveness is between the two. Thanks
  13. Agree completely, and I too have brand OCD
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