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  1. I demoed a Tsi2 4 wood with the Tensei AV Raw shaft, Both the head and shaft were made in China. Did not check the weight. I emailed Mitsubishi and they said their shafts are made in China as well as Japan.
  2. Contacted Callaway today. Specs on the website are wrong. They said to move the decimal one point to the left and use inches not mm. Pretty big error!
  3. Sent the question to PXG via their website. Waiting for the answer.
  4. Does anyone know where the iron heads are manufactured?
  5. I have the 0211's 7-Gap. Ordered with the elevate 95's R flex hard stepped once. Plus 1/4 at D2. I find them to be great feeling but a little short for me. I'm almost 70 and am used to lighter graphite shafts. So they will likely be on the way out. Bought them at hero pricing, and that makes me a fan of PXG. Say what you will, but the hero pricing is appreciated.
  6. Received mine today and looking forward to putting it into play. I was surprised to find no adjustment tool in the box. Thinking this was an oversight I called Taylormade. They said they don't include the tool. The rep said I could go online and find one. Wow!! I have a Ping tool so I can use that, but I am surprised. Not very likely I'll look at them in the future.
  7. Could you explain that in a bit more detail? I'm a bit confused why the swing weight scale would be incorrect.
  8. Maybe cut back on the organic fertilizer. The place smelled like a barn yard in places. Other than that it was darn near perfect!
  9. > @J9293 said: > Why is a high handicapper so picky about being a D0 swing weight? I’m sure there are other things in your game that need more attention than that. I agree, there are many things in my game that need attention. I do know that for feel and performance I prefer a D0-D1 weight in my driver. D2-D3 weight in my irons. Are you suggesting that only low cappers should have a preference in swing weights?
  10. Went today for a driver fitting with great expectations! Left quite disappointed. I am a higher handicapped player and older. My swing speed is in the low 80's. As we began I said I prefer a 44.5 inch length and a D0 swing weight. Was told the shaft lengths available were 45 to 45.5 playing length. To go less we had to use fairway wood shafts. Swing weight as tested were all D2+ Finally was told that the suggested shaft was one we had not tested. What? First time on Trackman and that was cool, but while I didn't give the fitter a low handicap client I expected more from the experienc
  11. Finally won two for Friday. Not sure if I can buy them though. Sold my house May1st and will be in a VRBO till August 15 when we move in to the new place. They said they will not mail them to a temporary address. Going to call in the morning and try to work something out. Hope, hope.....
  12. Thanks for the chance! F8 tour length, right hand, tour ad-iz 5 R flex. Standard grip ace crossline mid size. Signed up for newsletter. Thanks again
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