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  1. I went with 785's. Loved how it looked at address, loved the feedback, and loved the forgiveness of this head. I do believe the 760 to be a great product, just wasn't for me.
  2. Hi guys. I throw myself at the mercy of the WRX Tech gurus in helping this guy find out the pieces needed for a decent golf simulator to put in a 2 car garage. I am open to any and all suggestions. I do have a mat, but I've been just hitting plastic balls into the ... well ... walls, storage, bottled water ... I do have a mat, just having problems with the actual simulator/reader portion. Net from TheNetReturn looks good, but please by all means suggest anything. I remember reading a thread on a home one built by a person somewhere here on WRX and I loved his setup.... and alas, I canno
  3. I see what you did and I like it. I'd also be cool with you making an offer on it! :)
  4. Thank you sir. Not my mom, family friends of ours. She was having what was called a "standard procedure" done to alleviate the acid reflux and damage done to her esophagus over a number of years. Since she had the first procedure, it's been downhill ever since. They're not ones to ask for help but through casual conversation with her husband I know it's weighing on them. I had to help. They're a great family, good people. Just feel awful for em.
  5. Hi all, Got some putters and a utility iron for sale today. Long story short, wanting to help some family friends of ours who have been put through the ringer as of late. The mom has had surgery twice in the past 2 months and multiple hospital visits and they're having a little hard time for Christmas. I've already helped as much as I could with funds, but would like to sell some things I'm not using to replenish my own wallet. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to PM me. Pricing is OBO and no trades at this time. I've done the best with pricing for a quicker sale, but if you fi
  6. Cannot believe these are still here. These shafts are high dollar and so worth it. I already have these irons or I'd have already pulled the trigger.
  7. I got a PM from someone who is interested in the heads. Would you split shafts and heads? I'll take the shafts and I can PM you the person about the heads?
  8. If anyone is interested in heads only, I'm interested in the shafts.
  9. As per the rules, you must put a price.
  10. If anyone only needs 5-P I'll buy the 4 iron shaft...
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