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  1. The teal hat? Is that the one you were looking at?
  2. Moving some new stuff - getting rid of the extras and stuff that doesn't get worn. Wife didn't find my stash and I'm not moving, just clearing out my closet/office and getting rid of the extras. Not a fan of holding onto things that don't get used and once the bag is set I'm better without temptation... 1) Cobra F9 10.5 w/ PX Hzrdus Smoke Black (60g, 6.5) + bonus 10g weight. $240 shipped. This one has been my gamer for last last 2+ seasons, but well cared for. No idiot marks or issues, just time to upgrade (went SIM2 MAX) so this needs a new home. Golf Pride Z-Cord stil
  3. As the title states, looking to cleanout pieces that don't get worn to make room for new stuff. Next episode will focus on the hard goods! Add $5 for shipping, unless West of the Mississippi then add $10. Willing to make deals on multiple items. 1) Nike Roshe G - size 9. Wore these once and you can barely tell. Shipping with NO box. $50 2) Bonobos shirt. White w/ Navy stripe. Slim Fit LARGE. This one has been in my closet for awhile, but still has a ton of life left. $25 3) Travis Mathew Navy shorts. 34"
  4. 4.6 Sim Ti (15 playing at 15.75*) with a Tensei AV Raw White 70x. It's a weapon off the tee, but doesn't get much use off the deck at my club.
  5. Check out Players Towel - I've done a couple with my company logo and they have no minimum. ~$25 per towel sounds like it's inside your budget, especially if you paired them with markers from Liberty Markers (mentioned above) I've had 5 or 6 made by him and they've all exceeded expectations and been ~$25 each.
  6. Just like the title says trying to move just a couple items... not really looking for trades, but will at least listen. First up - nearly new Nike Roshe G (size 9) in Black & Grey colorway. $50 + $10 shipping (WILL NOT SHIP WITH BOX) Bought these to try, since my beloved Tour Gs have been discontinued and hoped they would be a good summer option, and hit the range exactly once. Not a fan of mesh shoes, much prefer leather so these need to go. Get a brand new pair for a sale price. Seriously - the only way you'd be able to tell they weren't new is by looking at the sole
  7. You all know the drill - time to start moving some items that are just sitting around... this time we'll blame it on the Covid '15'. All shirts are Medium and that just isn't a viable size for me any longer. No trades, discounts available for multiple items and as usual, please add $5 for shipping West of the Mississippi. The goods... 1) NWT FootJoy 1857 Spandex Interlock 'Mid Layer' - Size MEDIUM. Color: Light Teal (almost Seafoam) Green. Price: SOLD This retails for $160 so get it NWT for 1/2 the price! Absolutely love the feel of this, just too small
  8. ALL SOLD - LOCKING IT UP! Prices are fair, and I'm willing to make deals - but please, no lowballs. Add $5 for shipping ($10 if you're West of the Mississippi). 1 & 2) 2020 Masters Hats / NWT / $SOLD. Bought 3 and kept the one I like the best, moving these on to someone who didn't get the opportunity. Paid $28 per hat, so my asking covers my cost (price, tax and paypal fees). Great opportunity for a surprise Christmas gift. 3) Adidas FRSTGRD 1/4 zip / NWT / MEDIUM / Grey & Blue / $SOLD. Bought it on sale for $75 (see
  9. I've been gloveless for the better part of a decade now and I love it - no on/off around the greens, no wet gloves and no replacements. Summer in SC get pretty humid so I'll have to break out the rain glove from time to time late in rounds to get the hand sweat under control - but only rarely.
  10. I have it turned down 2 places to open the face up a bit. Still getting a high launch, but I launch almost everything high - the good news is that I can still easily flight the ball down without too much work so it should still be good for your 'safe shot' stinger.
  11. So after some delays I've finally got a couple of rounds in with the GAPR Mid... short story, it's EXACTLY what I've been looking for. I shafted it up with a HZRDOUS Black 6.0 hybrid shaft and the combination has been lovely - the ball jumps off the face in a nice, high launch. Great distance and SO easy to hit off the deck. Definitely worth the $80 investment in the head!
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