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  1. I now have one of their 1/4 zips and 2 of the hoodies and I'm impressed. The 1/4 zip isn't anything special - it's about the same as my PM versions, but that in and of itself is saying something. Now the hoodies are where Rhoback really shines - not to thick and as soft as anything else I own. 2 already in the closet and another on order already. As to the logo, it doesn't really bother me, it's interesting and something different - but as a business owner, I fully understand the need/desire to make sure your logo is on all your gear... it's on all of ours as well. I mean, how else would someone figure out where to get that shirt/hat/pullover/etc if the logo wasn't on it?
  2. Cleaning out the closest and moving on from stuff that doesn't fit or hasn't been in the rotation for awhile - everything is in great condition and plenty of life left. ** additional $5 shipping for those West of the Mississippi ** Note - Friday is the last day I'll be able to ship until January. If you like something, grab it sooner rather than later! 1) Vineyard Vines 5 pocket pants. 34 x 32. Grey. $30 + $5 shipping Not sure where they came from, but in great shape - just too long. I remember thinking I was going to have them hemmed and then forgot. 2) Under Armour golf pants. 34 x 30. Light Grey. $25 + $5 shipping. Worn, but not frequently so tons of life left for the next person. 3) Under Armour polo. Large. White w/ Grey Collar. $25 + $5 shipping. Great polo, just never made it into the rotation and need some space in the closet. 4) Under Armour Storm Cold Gear Full Zip. Large. Navy. $50 + $5 shipping. This is a great jacket and really warm, the only problem for me is I don't like playing golf in jackets. I keep trying (like an idiot) and keep having the same issues - need to learn and stick with pullovers + base layers. 5) Adidas pullover. Medium. White w/ Grey. $SOLD Great shirt, just too many newer pullovers in the closet and this one doesn't get worn. Course logo (Denver) on the right sleeve (pictured). 6) Masters pullover. Medium. Blue. $50 + $5 shipping. 't' in 'Masters' (back collar) is coming up, but other than that no issues - I just "outgrew" it (damn Covid 20) and it needs a new home. I'm going in April so I'll get to replace it shortly!
  3. I opted to change out my KK XM 70x for a slightly heavier, Evenflow Riptide MX 80x playing at 41" to fill that gap. Now it sits almost perfectly between a 5w and 3h and I couldn't be happier.
  4. Good find - their stuff looks good, can't wait to see what else they do.
  5. You won't be disappointed. I had a driver fitting years ago with Mike and couldn't have been happier. My Dad just went in for a full bag fitting and has been raving about it for weeks - we just spent the weekend playing and his new sticks are SO much better for him it's scary.
  6. Just one item up on the block today - 34” SC Phantom 8. (No SC cover but does come with a Club Glove cover). Everything is stock, and it does show signs of use but those appear to be ‘normal’ for this type of finish. Pictures capture the condition accurately. $285 $250 shipped.
  7. Thank you everyone for the responses - I'm going to avoid the hybrid shaft and look for an 80 or 90 gram wood shaft.
  8. So I’m looking for a heavier shorter shaft for my baffler and found 80g shafts are easier to find in hybrids. With a raw length of 42” they’re certainly long enough for what I want…BUT… will that actually work? Is there a reason why this wouldn’t work?
  9. I have both... but the 3H occupies the current spot in my bag based off my home course. The 5w subs in on longer courses and in the winter when it's soft.
  10. I just got my first order from Anson Belts and I'm extremely pleased. Played in some HOT weather this week and haven't noticed any bleed. Bonus that it fits perfectly since it doesn't have belt holes - worth checking out. www.ansonbelts.com
  11. I found Collective Socks and I've been really happy the the couple pair I have. They're thin compression socks (ankle height) so my feet feel good after the round and they breathe really well. www.collectivesocks.com
  12. @Howard_Jones - if I use the tipping chart that someone added earlier and tip this 1.25", how much would that effect the TQ?
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