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  1. Looking for a TSi3 9* or 10* head and cover. Or possibly with a RDX stiff. Thanks, Greg
  2. Man me too! I may end up keeping it for a back up but sure would like to have the TSi3.
  3. Kuro Kage 60g Regular Shaft. In very good condition. Shaft. $sold Head and Cover. $sold TS3 5 Wood, with Diamana 70g Regular. In pretty good shape but has a couple of small scratches, see pictures. Head Sold $ diamana 70 Regular flex with Titleist adapter, out of the 5 wood. $45.00 Masters ladies cap 2019 BNWT. $sold Umbrella BNWT. $30.90 Masters Cap from 2013, new never worn. $sold Lagshot, great training aid, only hit a couple of times.
  4. Looking for some 921 Hot Metals with $taper black lites, steelfibers or maybe some KBS tours? Let me know what you have. Thanks, Greg
  5. Looking for for some 921 Hot Metals with KBS $taper stiff smoke or KBS 120 Tours. Maybe other shafts?? Thanks, Greg
  6. Thanks for the info! I’ve always bought used clubs in the past and just kinda made them work.
  7. So I finally got fit and still not sure what shaft to go with?? I’m pretty set on the Hot Metals but the shafts that were recommended on the Mizuno shaft optimizer seemed to be a little on the stiff side. The KBS tour 120 S, AMT X and the LZ 6.0. My SS was about 86 with a 7 iron. I hit the LZ 5.5 and they felt better than the 6.0. How much do you fitter rely on the shaft optimizer? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Greg
  8. Looking for set of 921 HMs with $taper smoke stiff or possibly recoil 110 or 95 stiff. Thanks, Greg
  9. Ping G700, Alta Regular flex, standard LLL, 4-U with new MCC align grips, great condition. $sold Costa Bill Chaser, brown with amber poly lens, great shape. $85.00 $70.00 $60.00 $50.00 Costa Slack Tide, black with blue glass lens. They have a very small scratch on the right lens. I tried to capture in the picture below, but can’t see it. $Sold Maui Jim, Akoni, gold aviators. $sold Masters Retro Cap, Limited Run, brand new never wo
  10. Any idea if Mizuno will add any other standard (no up charge) shaft options to the new lineup?
  11. I would love to see one similar to the G710 but with Mizuno feel and looks. Any idea what the handicap range is for the HMBs? Mizuno used to put a handicap range on their website.
  12. Any hollow bodies? I was sure hoping to see the HM hollow similar to the HMB.
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