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  1. As long as it goes as high as my u65 ill game it. One of the things that i love about the u65 is the moon balls i hit with it. Yes, i know, some of you hate the high ball. I dont mind them with a long iron replacement type club. They help me.
  2. Hows it play ?? I play the u65 and love it but can get spinny on me. I was going to reshaft but upgrading isnt completely out of the picture.. Looking for more feedback on the new ZX utility.
  3. the problem youre having is due to the tilting-floor stand actuator mechanisms adopted by Ping, Titleist etc. Its the way the bag stands using the mechanism on the bottom of the bag that pinches the lowest part of the stand bag therefore decreasing the amount of room hence the club tangle youre experiencing. Forget about it if you have midsize. Hoofers are notorious for this, It drove me bat sh*t crazy until i went with a different stand mechanism - Sun Mountain. The mechanism is OUTSIDE of the bag so it doesnt "pinch" the bottom part of the bag. I almost NEVER have club tangle.
  4. Same here. Have a u65 20* that i hit very well and love. Im wondering if the newer ZX Utility will be better in any way. Let us know when you get to hit one. No Srixon demos within 1000 miles from me.
  5. Why are you trying to replace the U65 that you hit with ease with ballspeed and dispersion ?
  6. so a slant neck, flow neck or a flare neck is a no go for me then ??
  7. lol. mine will too if i dont get off my comp. Im just not sure about the double bend. I dont like the look of it. I was hoping you'd say a slant or flow neck. But ill try anything at this point. Its driving me up the wall.
  8. Awesome. awesome. Im due for a new putter anyway lol. Thanks for the help man.
  9. appreciate your help. Guess what ?? The fitter did exactly what you said. But he bent my putter 2 degrees upright and only added 1 degrees of loft. He was too afraid to bend more because the bending machine was giving it a hard time. i was told to just test it out but the snow came in. i will bring it to my local guy and see if he can bend it to your recommendation. Any putter neck recommendations that might help my tendencies ? im very comfortable with my setup and i really dont want to change if i dont have to. i was also told to ease up on the forward press because i have too m
  10. excuse me guys, i need some undivided attention from @SnowmanShanks for a minute lol. I am righty with right eye dominance. I game a TM Juno putter with plumbers neck among a couple others but theyre all plumbers. My weakness is my close range putting and one of the problems, is aiming. I have strong tendency to aim right among a slew of other putter stroke tendencies. Even when i think im aiming dead straight at the hole, im told im aimed right lol. i also have a "perception" problem. For instance when im practicing 3/4 footers around the hole. ill drop 5-6 balls around the hole
  11. i stopped by my local GG today and held the TSi series for the first time. I didnt get to hit them, was in a hurry for last minute shopping. But on first glance at address, i actually prefer the TS fairway shapes. Same goes for the driver. I prefer the headshape of my TS3 driver sooo much more than the TSi3 driver. Anyone else feel the same ?
  12. the first pic shows the 785 slightly thicker but i think its because the had the 785 slightly closer to the camera lens. the 4th pic shows them very very similar. @roxalddid the notch on the heel make any difference.. ??? love your new irons man. congrats.
  13. @PNDUBGLFR hows the turf interaction? From pics and vids it seems like there's some "curvature" on the sole similar to the srixon v-soles. Distance ?? More pics if you can. I think youre the first person to have these on here. Congrats!
  14. Man oh man if the back of the ZX7 looked like J15cb, I may never buy another set of irons.
  15. Most golf shoes would irritate me right on where the "folding crease" is when you walk. When that happens, they go right back in the box. This happens with 7/10 pairs i try on in the store. The Eccos biom 3 was perhaps the first leather made shoe i have ever tried on that didnt irritate me where the crease happens (the base of my toes) and super soft right out the box. @howaboutme i have never heard of any Eccos needing any breaking in period. Im sorry to say this, but maybe Ecco's arent the best fit for you and if thats the case you just have to keep searching. Somet
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