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  1. Because he can send the ball into orbit with a 6 inch backswing
  2. I used to make my girlfriend sit on 3 balls on the way to the course. She's 180lbs.
  3. i like Crossfield for his honesty. He gives it to you straight without trying to steer you.
  4. Softest ? Everythings pretty soft when you hit the middle. Best feeling ? Srixon 785. By far.
  5. Both clubs sounded the same to me which is horrifying. Reminded me of the i500. i doubt thats the case though. ITs prob just the audio on my comp. Either way im a little underwhelmed with the zx7 aesthetically which is a good thing since i get to keep my 785 lol.
  6. Did the 785 ever have a specsheet like that ??? It'd be nice to see a direct comparison between the ZX7 and 785.
  7. im one of those people who cant putt with a line on the flange. Other than all that have been mentioned above, there are a couple of older Ping putters that may or may not help you with topline alignments. Anser T Anser W (traditional 350g or heavy 375g)
  8. @QuigleyDU when you say the turf interaction may be the best youve ever seen... do you think theres much of a difference compared to the z785 ? they look similar but i love the notches at the heel and toe. Im wondering if they make difference.. let me know your thoughts. Can you tell the difference between the zx7 and 785 ? i cant find the bounce #s.
  9. Ping seriously need to bring the PLD program back. I need one.
  10. i only count bogeys in my head. And i take away a bogey when i have birdie.
  11. Use a Hydroflask and you can use any bag. Your ice cubes will last the entire day. THE WHOLE DAY. Try the 40oz. www.hydroflask.com
  12. Red shirt, black pants, black hat. All nikes. And make sure i play an 80 yard slice off the first tee.
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