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  1. Yea im not trying to ruin everyone else's party either.
  2. Well what should i do guys lol ?? I cant call them cuz that will bring attention to my order. I cant call Titleist cause theyll just tell me to call TGW.
  3. @mjbfyb i ordered my fairway +1.5 inch with intentions of using it on the driver.. i wonder if they would still tip it ??
  4. @OKMrazor @mjbfyb Thanks for the heads up guys. Hope this goes through. Just got email for Processing. I doubt it does though lol.
  5. Yea the addi 6 black option is no longer free with drivers, but still works on fairway woods. Ive been wanting a TSi2 fairway anyways. So i added 1.5 inch to my fairway . Im going to use the shaft on my driver instead, and cut down a driver shaft i have laying around and put it on the fairway. Does anyone know if Titleist tip fairway shafts ? Or do they cut everything from the butt ?? Im wondering if the profile will be different with +1.5 inch meant to be in a fairway wood...
  6. So let me double check my thoughts... youre saying that if i were to purchase a LAB putter at a certain lie angle, i will not be able to change that lie angle, because the shaft is drilled into the head at that specific lie angle??? am i correct ?
  7. its the manufacturers way of saying if you cant hit a 100yard wedge within a 15 foot circle 10 out of 10 times, then you dont need to know your 15* 3w is actually 16.2 degrees.
  8. Highly interested in the L.A.B B.2 putter but its near impossible to trial it. So will have to buy it blind which makes it nerve wrecking. Im all in with center shafts but $400+ blind purchase just doesnt sit well with me. So if you own this putter and have experience with it, please share your thoughts. Pics are welcome too
  9. Define "coming soon" .. @SeeMore Putters
  10. Im dense, forgive me. But doesnt "re-engineered" make them different ? Can you please elaborate what has been re-engineered ?? Did the original White Hot have inconsistent thickness ??
  11. Im not fully committed to armlock yet. And im loving this Grip right here. It a $23 experiment. Apparently i wont have to do much to the putter head at all. And im loving the 2-ball lately after having played with one couple weeks ago. If the armlock fails i can always remove the grip and still play my 2-ball. Hopefull the AL2 grip will let me get a feel of how things are going to be.
  12. bunta

    the bow

    Well delete that sh*t man lol. Nobody needs to know !
  13. bunta

    the bow

    Theres still time for you to delete your comment before you ruin it for the rest of us.
  14. bunta

    the bow

    i for sure thought someone would've posted a thread about this by now. I just thought it deserves its own. Ive seen some memorable sports moments but this one, this one, is pretty up there.. returns the pin on 18th, removes his hat, and takes a bow. The sign of respect is truly remarkable. Little did he know, the world saw it. Such a humbling moment.
  15. just remembered wrx wrote a piece on this other day.
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