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  1. Define "coming soon" .. @SeeMore Putters
  2. Im dense, forgive me. But doesnt "re-engineered" make them different ? Can you please elaborate what has been re-engineered ?? Did the original White Hot have inconsistent thickness ??
  3. Im not fully committed to armlock yet. And im loving this Grip right here. It a $23 experiment. Apparently i wont have to do much to the putter head at all. And im loving the 2-ball lately after having played with one couple weeks ago. If the armlock fails i can always remove the grip and still play my 2-ball. Hopefull the AL2 grip will let me get a feel of how things are going to be.
  4. bunta

    the bow

    Well delete that sh*t man lol. Nobody needs to know !
  5. bunta

    the bow

    Theres still time for you to delete your comment before you ruin it for the rest of us.
  6. bunta

    the bow

    i for sure thought someone would've posted a thread about this by now. I just thought it deserves its own. Ive seen some memorable sports moments but this one, this one, is pretty up there.. returns the pin on 18th, removes his hat, and takes a bow. The sign of respect is truly remarkable. Little did he know, the world saw it. Such a humbling moment.
  7. just remembered wrx wrote a piece on this other day.
  8. Looking for some help guys. Ive never gamed an Odyssey putter; im contemplating building an armlock 2-ball.. I'm looking for what you guys think is the best iteration/model/version you think is the best. Im guessing it all comes down to the insert. I tried the OG White Hot model that just came out. Its not bad. But i feel like i should take advantage of some the modern inserts; if theres even an advantage. Not even sure why im asking this question as it would ultimately be dependent on me but I guess I'm curious, and I'd like to see if there is a runaway consensus of the best Odyss
  9. between the ZX4 and the ZX Utility .. are there any distance advantages of either one ??? What i really want to know is if i were to match both the loft and length of both clubs, will i have the exact carry yardages ?? Im wanting to uprade my ZU65 utility. Just wondering if its worth it.
  10. Its not a distance iron. 33* 7-iron is not distance iron. Westwood, T Hatton and Victor H and tons of others on smaller tours uses them. Most of us on here including myself should be using cavity backed irons or GI irons but nooooooo.. why ? cause we're bunch of apes.
  11. question: when you MOI match irons whether its 1/2inch increments or 3/8, do you loose distance even after you have added head weight ?
  12. Not at all. 7iron 194 carry is very normal around here.
  13. im going down another rabbit hole lol, and ive been trying to make sense of this the past few years. Just never really bothered to because its kind of hard for me to explain in a way that doesnt make me sound like a complete fool lol. Im shopping for a new putter due to a new grip commitment (crosshanded/left hand low). Maybe some of you can explain this to me. Why do we need to fit a putter's designated stroke to our putting style i.e. sbst, slight arc, and strong arc. And FWIW I stand rather close to the ball so therefore, any which way i swing the putter, my arch is not going to
  14. Looking for a short slant blade with half shaft offset putter and face balanced (or very slight toe hang). Does this putter exist or is it impossible ? the closest one ive found is not even released yet.. and its the upcoming Ping 2021 Anser 4. it looks to be half shaft offset.
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