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  1. I also had a bad experience with them in the past. I purchased a set of px 5.5s but when they were installed they ranged from 6.0-7.0. Sent them back and got a refund.
  2. [quote name='mtgjr' timestamp='1350356079' post='5799847'] Shaft flex? No pics of face or sole? [/quote] sorry i missed that, it's a stiff flex. i'll upload a pic of the sole tomorrow. thanks for looking.
  3. I'm selling my burner superfast 2.0 tp driver 9.5 degrees with the stock stiff HD6 shaft. Driver measures 44.5" and has a D2 swing weight. Swing weight was obtained by adding lead tape at the bottom of the club near the heel. Played this driver for just one season. Unloading it to make room for the 913 D2. Let me know if you have any questions. Also selling a 909 D2 10.5 driver. The driver has a Javlynfx V6 stiff shaft. It's 44.5"and has red Golf Pride NewDecade grip. D2 swing weight Burner 2.0 TP $140 Shipped Price Drop $125 Shipped (Sold) Titleist 909 D2 $125 Price Dr
  4. didn't want to turn this into a lightside vs darkside post. but like Soloman said, it's not cool when PGA members look down on those who don't go that route. We have different approaches to teaching the game, and those seeking to learn the Stack & Titlt® approach can't just walk into any golfsmith, golftec, golf galaxy, or golf club to seek the help that they want to take their game to the next level. The answer they will get there is "we don't teach Stack and Tilt."
  5. I did mention in my p[quote name='peterpro130' timestamp='1345095167' post='5480940'] [quote name='Confiado' timestamp='1345094086' post='5480918'] [quote name='peterpro130' timestamp='1345091578' post='5480768'] hi homer, are you PGA? [/quote] [color=#282828]Not PGA, just Stack & Tilt® Network instructor.[/color] [/quote] How can you teach at Cog Hill and not be PGA.... not to be rude, but I wouldn't think they would let you teach there? If you can GREAT!! [/quote] That's why I said that I wasn't linked to those ranges.
  6. [quote name='peterpro130' timestamp='1345091578' post='5480768'] hi homer, are you PGA? [/quote] [color=#282828]Not PGA, just Stack & Tilt® Network instructor.[/color]
  7. Hello fellow golfwrx members, I am a Stack & Tilt® instructor and just wanted to say that I’m very excited to start teaching in the Chicagoland area. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a lesson, feel to free to send me a PM or email. Currently I teach at the following ranges, but I’m not linked with them Cog Hill- Lemont Redtail Golf Course- Lakewood Village Woodridge- Zigfield Troy Range Homer Sotelo [email protected] 630-410-9704
  8. make sure you add some lead tape near the heel to adjust for the swing weight. a shorter driver will help you hit is solid, assuming there aren't any bigger issues with your swing. but in general, a shorter shaft on the driver will help you find the fairway on the hole that you are playing.
  9. [quote name='jaskanski' timestamp='1334515948' post='4726366'] Ah yes - but it's not really designed to be removable is it? In which case it leaves good old lead tape unless you want to pull the shaft. Lead tape is still the simplest solution to restoring swing weight to any club. It's been duly covered on numerous, numerous, numerous (did I say Numerous?) occasions on how this affects/doesn't affect ball flight depending on where it's applied and what quantity to the head. Restoring 0.5" trim will be 3 swing weight points which equates to 6g of lead tape. That's roughly 12" of 0.5" wide stan
  10. I have the Superfast 2.0 TP. It had a weight port on the toe, but it's not meant to add additional weight to it.
  11. Lead tape or hot melt?Just trimmed my Burner Superfast to a 44.5. To make for the swing weight loss, the club builder added lead tape near the heel. Plus this will probably take some of the fade bais off the driver. I'm not a big fan of lead tape, so I was wondering if it was possible to add hot melt in the head through the weight port?
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