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  1. Looking for a standard length AV raw orange stiff shaft with a Ping G425 adapter.
  2. Looking for a new Ping Bow Tie Towel. Grey preferred but black would be fine.
  3. I think what you received is the proper Mezz headcover and Lab is now sending out the canvass headcovers to mitigate their error.
  4. WTF? The Prototype comes out at $600 +whatever shaft upgrade, with an incorrect headcover. Which is fine. Sam posts The putter cover issue will be addressed but sadly the price point issue will not. At the moment, with supplies the way they are, our US based manufacturing and the need to leave a margin for out retailers, the retail price will be $550. surprise retail price is not $550 but $450. $150 less. The putter cover resolution is to pay more money for some BS canvass headcover? Lab golf can make some great putters but you guys have dropped the ball on the headcovers from the word go. The black headcovers for the DF were crap, and there seems to be no improvement on the headcover front.
  5. What is that? Is that the headcover that is supposed to come with this putter? If so, what is this headcover?
  6. Most of the time I am picking the ball up out of the hole…. Don’t mind bending over for that.
  7. Lab Golf Directed Force 2.1T2. 33 1/2 “ long 68 degrees lie angle fitted with the OG 3 grip. Headcover included. $285 shipped Driver shaft-Tensei Av raw white 65gram stiff flex with factory Titleist adapter. Length is Titleist standard $old Fairway wood shaft-Tensei av raw white 75 gram x flex factory Titleist adapter 42” $75 shipped Fairway wood shaft- Tensei av raw blue 75 gram x-flex factory Titleist adapter 41 1/4” $75 shipped Take the 2 remaining shafts for $115
  8. Anyone receive their putter recently? If so, what number are they up to? I am getting anxious.
  9. If you don’t like it at first, give it a little time. Once I became adjusted to it, the DF, is by far the best putter I ever used.
  10. Callaway 17 degree UW. Shaft is an LA Golf shafts Trono 65S. MCC midsize grip Club was hit a few times for yardage gapping purposes (kept the 19*). $old Ping G425 19* hybrid. Shaft is a Graphite Design DI-85 x. Grip is midsize new Decade. $old Bettinardi HLX 3.0 forged. 50*. 8c Shaft is a kbs hi-rev 2.0 125 s. Grip is a Bettinardi cross line 360. $130 Bettinardi HLX 3.0 forged 52* 8c Shaft is a kbs hi-rev 2.0 125 s. Grip is a Bettinardi cross line 360. Club was bent 2 degrees upright. $130 Any questions or requests for me pictures, please ask.
  11. I changed shafts and it showed on my updated order. I am sure Liam will tell you if you email him. He is a pleasure to deal with.
  12. @labgolf any idea when these will ship out?
  13. Ormond Beach, Florida 10.2 Axis 1 Yes I have struggled with putting my whole life. I have used every putter imaginable and I play golf 6 days a week, so I feel I am more than qualified to give an insightful, thorough review Yes
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