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  1. Designed it in Fusion 360, found an exceptional small manufacturer and had him make a run of 15 for me and a handful of buddies. Blown away with how well it turned out and it's 100% my new gamer!
  2. Sent my OG SIM (9*) in on 3/15 for a warranty repair, received a fresh SIM2 (9*) on 4/7. Going to give it a ride tomorrow morning with a crispy AD-TP 7TX!! I'll edit this post with an update after the round with impressions/thoughts.
  3. Good to know, thank you! I'll update the main post!
  4. Yep. Spec sheet from the order attached, unless TM already tips theirs and this is additional?
  5. Awesome, this one is untipped so I figured I was in the safe zone! Looking forward to putting some swings on it as soon as TM figures out their supply chain issues and I get a driver head back!!
  6. Flex, yes. But profile is what I'm looking for as well with lower launch/spin. SS with driver last time on the monitor was 113-114 with a pretty normal move, did I go too strong on the TX? Just picked it up yesterday from a guy on here who happened to be local!
  7. Blue! Sorry, completely missed that in the post. Just edited the title to reflect the same!
  8. Only has 18 holes and one range session on it. Played 45" in my SIM, tipped 1.5" at build by TM (standard 1" plus .5"). Z cord midsize and still has the TM sleeve on it. Asking $275+shipping. Open to trades for a TM 3 wood or new wedges!
  9. Curious where you ended up here. I've been gaming a DI-7X for the last decade or so but just picked up a TP-7TX to give a ride once my SIM2 comes in. I think I'm trying to go the opposite direction you were! A little lower launch/spin than the DI but hopefully that same loading feel that I just can't get enough of.
  10. This is another head I had made, well, one of 15, but this one's mine! Tried to match the Tiffany blue grip, pretty pleased. It's about 3:1:.5? Testors turquoise, white and Tamiya clear green respectively. Not sure if mixing the different paints will cause any trouble but the color is pretty dang spot on.
  11. How was the course? Good as a guest or one that could sustain long term playability as your primary?
  12. This is the answer! White Nikes cleaned right up this way for me.
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