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  1. I'll look for Intertape from another retailer other than Amazon.
  2. Thanks, I see it on Amazon, but some reviews say they are sending you a lesser quality tape and not Intertape.
  3. I used to buy Golfsmith tape (before they closed down) along with Klean Strip Odorless Mineral Spirits from Home Depot. Now I can't find any tape that don't have issues. I tried "Wedge Guys Kit" from Amazon last. Pre -cut tape was only 9-1/2" instead of 10" so I ordered the roll so I could cut myself. But a few grips didn't stay, tape seems not to have enough glue. So I tried their Wedge Guys Grip Solvent, and same thing. Who has a quality tape /solvent combo online?
  4. A 23* could be very helpful. There are times when my 20 launches too low for over tree shots, and 5i doesnt have the distance I need. I will look into a 4 utility, or high launching 4 hybrid for just in case, but I rarely feel I'm missing a club far as distance goes. But great suggestion
  5. Sorry 43* PW wasnt added
  6. Thanks. No gap. Titleist PW is 43, then Vokey 48 (stock wedge from set would be 48 too.)
  7. Right now I'm carrying 13 clubs : Drv (9.0°) , 4w (16.5°), 3h (20°), and 5-9 my (5 is 24°), and 3 wedges 48, 54, 60 do i need another club?
  8. For_Life re-submit the photos, (has been removed") I'm interested in doing my own.
  9. 25 dozen, if anyone still wonders. 300 balls for the Titleist Den Caddy. Bought some balls from LostGolfBalls.com 5A quality. Image having 25 boxes of ProV1s at retail price!!!!
  10. I have a Ping Hoofer and a Ping Mascot and I don't have a single Ping club in either. Ping just happens to make some of the best golf bags. Relax guys, Sun Mountain and Ogio don't make clubs.....but you see tons of people using them
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