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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CGJLIJAhe2O/ Looks like he's deep into the ball speed wars...
  2. Has anyone ever hit one? I am contemplating getting the 380cc head and wanted to know what they're like
  3. Thanks for the intel. Another quick question regarding your Japanese products. Can you tell me to which other shaft in you line-up the Speeder SLK is most similar, too? From what I gather it is meant for shorter driver builds?
  4. Driver: Baldo Corsa Performance 380 10° w/ Fuji Ventus Blue 8X 1 Iron: NCW Large Cavity 16° w/ Mitsubishi MMT 105TX 2 Iron: NCW regular Cavity 19° w/Mitsubishi MMT 125 TX 3-PW: NCW 1953 Hogan Triple Crown MBs (22° 3 iron to 49° PW) w/ Dynamic Gold X100 SW: 56° Artisan Wedge Tiger Grind w/ Dynamic Gold S400 LW: 60° Artisan Wedge Tiger Grind w/ Dynamic Gold S400 Putter: Ping PLD B60
  5. Would also recommend the Titleist one. Also seen a few guys on IG using one as a driver headcover which I think is pretty cool.
  6. I assume this will be called the Staff Model CB?
  7. Turns out sub 400cc drivers aren't dead yet... God bless Japan. http://evangelist-japan.co.jp/products/corsa-380-driver.html EDIT: Found this address pic on yahoo auction. Looks like a modern J33p
  8. Hitting 9 degrees up is always going to cause some low spinners. I wouldn't mess with that club at all. G400 Max and AD DI is a tasty set up.
  9. Do you know of any modern drivers (less than ca. 5 years old) that come close to this? I was thinking of the 915 D5, but since I am not Adam Scott chances of getting one are pretty slim.
  10. Perfect driver would be 390cc, slightly open and bonded hosel of course.
  11. Apparently there are quite a few power lines in play. We might get to see some replay tee shots
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