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  1. It's been an odd season accross the big leagues, I think. Juventus, Barcelona, Madrid and PSG are struggling domestically. Hell, even Bayern is only 2 points clear of Leipzig at the moment. I think Chelsea under Tuchel is going to be dangerous next season. He seems to have turned them around rapidly.
  2. From the pictures, it looks like a OG P770 vs. P750 situation to me.
  3. Thank you! First proper in-hand pics I've seen. I think the TCB look really good.
  4. The Mavrik Sub Zero is still in the line-up, I think. Looks better than the speed with the traditional scoring lines, too.
  5. Even in Europe where this is a "normal" release I've yet to see an actual TCB head in hand and not just some product picture. Seems a bit odd.
  6. Miura CB 57 Stenson Legacy black Titleist 620CB
  7. Hope they offer the MMT Taper as an upcharge option.
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