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  1. Found one in my local shop. It is a bit wierd how they do not promote this more strongly imo.
  2. Realistically, you are going to look at a bunch of older stuff. Most of it is going to be hard to find. OG Blueboard 103 Ventus Black 10 AD DI 10 Matrix HD10 Oban Kiyoshi Tour Limited 100
  3. Yes. There are quite a few guys using the tsi2 at the moment. Scott, JT and Matt Jones all use it.
  4. Is there a material difference between the X and the TX?
  5. he still has the vokey wedges in the promo video. I wonder if it is a less than 14 club deal?
  6. The MMT Taper seems to be en vogue these days. But the steelfibers are still an amazing product imo.
  7. https://sports.dunlop.co.jp/golf/service/dfs/zx7_440/ Looks like there is a 440cc version of the ZX7 available in Japan. Just curious if anyone has had the chance to hit one?
  8. if it looks like a small driver I am interested. The original one looked more like a giant three wood to me.
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