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  1. Jealous, love the flint in the blue colorway and the white colorway. I was planning to pick up several pairs of these.
  2. Damn, I'm jealous of you guys with no heel slippage. I think it's time to give up and say the fit isn't right for me. I feel bad for Carl's Golfland for all of my returns. I've ordered size 9M, 8.5M, 8.5W, and 8W and my heel slips in every pair - even with my foot stuffed into an 8W. I've tried different socks as well, so sure what the deal is. I love the Flint and Packard so this is unfortunate. I wear a 9M in Icons and I would say 8.5W was the closest to being the best fit.
  3. Does your heel slip at all in them? Even the half size down in wide I had issues with. I just ordered two more pairs in different sizes. One a half size down from my icon size in medium and another a full size down in wide. I love the design of them and how light they feel otherwise I would just get something else.
  4. Anybody else having issues with fitment of the new Premieres? I love the look but am probably going to have to return them for the second time. I first purchased a size 9M, in both the Flint and Packard, which is the size I wear in all of my Icons and they were way too big. I replaced them with an 8.5W and my heel is still slipping when I walk in them. The material on these is much thinner than the Icons so they are more roomy inside the shoe itself. I know everybody has a different foot, but I just don’t see how anybody’s heel is staying secured in these.
  5. Today I have one item up for sale, my G400 Max driver head in 10.5. The pictures tell the story on this one and I tried to do my best to capture any marks on the face/sole of the club. Price: $240 shipped -Ships out USPS Priority Mail 2-3 day -Headcover included -No tool
  6. The least they could do is bring back the TW13 to make up for it!
  7. How would you say their waste sizing is? I'm typically a 32 or 33 but want to be accurate since they have no returns/exchanges on final sale. Thanks! I got the tailored highland pants in my normal size, and the waist was perfect. The tailored fit were loose from the thigh down for me, so I ended up returning them. I ended up trying on the Nike slim fit pants (flex/5 pocket), and those fit me the best. How would you rate the quality compared to the Nike’s? That’s what I’m currently in, but I’ve considered trying Bonobos for a while now.
  8. How would you say their waste sizing is? I’m typically a 32 or 33 but want to be accurate since they have no returns/exchanges on final sale. Thanks!
  9. Can anybody weigh in a little more on sizing? I'm considering picking up a pair of these, but they are out of stock in most sizes so if they don't fit I won't be able to exchange them. I wear a 9 medium in normal Icons and an 8.5 wide in DNAs.
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