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  1. Admit it - you’re gonna get a set…
  2. The 921 Tour is two degrees weaker. Guess is that the slightly lower spin and two degrees stronger 223 is what got you your 1 club increase. Enjoy the new sticks.
  3. Trying to clean up putter rack. No trades, please. Scotty Cameron Flowback 5.5 1st of 500 34” and stock grip includes headcover asking $480 obo Scotty Cameron Newport M2 34” with new Scotty Cameron Pistolero Plus grip only rolled on carpet and sat in display rack includes headcover asking $450 obo Bettinardi Summer Lovin’ Limited Release 35” includes headcover and certificate of authenticity asking $1000 obo 2021 Bettinardi Studio Stock 2021 35” Only rolled on carpet and sat in display rack includes headcover asking $420 obo
  4. I think duffman is saying that it is how you interpret the numbers. The 2019 T100 has a higher MOI than the 2021, and therefore at least partially, the older one is more forgiving.
  5. I don’t want to say better or worse, because the CBs were 1 degree weaker lofted, I got a little more ball speed with the T100, but the CB were still softer feeling. The T100 were more forgiving, I will be placing an order for the T100 - just figuring out shaft.
  6. I’m a 5.3 index and was fit at the Titleist fitting centre off grass. I found the new T100 was as good through the turf as the previous version (and I love that pre-worn leading edge - currently playing 716 CB). I did find that I took more of a divot with the new T100 FWIW - but they got through the turf well.
  7. It’s a little more than loft. The T100S has a pocket cavity, while the T100 doesn’t (at least up to the 7 iron, I think).
  8. That was true. Titleist has flip-flopped. At one point in the last five years, the hybrid came out with the woods, but decided that most golfers replaced hybrids with their iron purchases and changed their release schedule so hybrid lines up with irons. They let that run for a couple of cycles and have just switched back with the release of rhe TSi hybrids to line up with the woods again.
  9. Hmm. Ok. That’s good news. I’m going to try that!
  10. Hello all, Just wondering if anyone has compared these two - ideally in a hybrid. I had a TS2 hybrid with Atmos Boue that I sold. Best hybrid I ever had and now I am sad. Wondering what a decent replacement would be for the Atmos Blue - Titleist is no longer offering them in the hybrid.
  11. I was fit into the Epic Max LS, but bought both the Speed and the Max LS. I swing at 103mph, and I ended up with the Speed. I preferred the sound and look behind the ball. Paired up with a Ventus Red, it truly is the best combination for me in a couple of years. I came in from a TS2 with Ventus Blue. I do think the Max LS is more forgiving, but the one/two shots in a round I’m not swinging well that may end up in the fairway versus rough was a fair trade off for me.
  12. The fitter actually had the whole set available to hit with AMT White. The shaft wasn’t a good fit for me in the 7 iron, and hitting it in the 4 iron and PW was really just more of the same. I did get to try the T200 utility build in the 4 iron spot - it was quite good with Graphite Designs shaft.
  13. I hit JPX 921 Tour, and currently play 716 CBs. I’m a 6 cap and don’t have an issue holding greens with irons. 7 irons will hit the green and usually be within a couple feet of landing, depending on green conditions. I definitely preferred the Titleist through the ground than the Mizuno - I’m a little steep and the Titleist pre-worn leading and bounce combination let me take beautiful shallow divots - I took more turf with the Mizuno. At this recent fit, I was worried about the new T100 sole - and it reacted beautifully. Even on a heavy strike, it just glided through the turf, which even my current irons don’t do as well. I tried the other heads at this fit - T100s and T200. I hit the T100 the best of the bunch - but I won’t lie, deep down, I wanted to hit them best. I told the fitter to not let my biases get in the way, and I would have been just as happy in the T200s, if I could improve consistency over my current irons, The T100 was the only iron that that made the criteria on this day. I’ll book another, but it may be a number of weeks before I get back. One thing for sure, I will only fit irons on grass.
  14. Not at all, sir. Not at all. I’ve appreciated all the input. I think your insight has been bang on. Happy to have got it.
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