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  1. My only advice is do you fitting / head to head comparison while you are still actively playing before it gets too late in the fall. It’s fine to wait to buy new clubs in the winter, but I would do your evaluations when you swing is in shape.
  2. I’ve heard from people I trust to play the lowest flex shaft that you can control. If you hit your driver and 3w straight, then I wouldn’t mess with it. Stiffer shafts alone don’t give you more distance. Stiffer shafts can give you more control if you have the ability to swing faster.
  3. In my opinion it has less to do with more people playing golf now due to covid and more to do with the major golf club manufacturers not pumping out as much new stuff and longer lead times on custom orders. For example, if the price difference between a new set of irons and some lightly used ones on eBay is $100 or less, I’d just be inclined to order new ones. However, if I can get the eBay clubs in 4 days and it takes 6 weeks to get the new clubs from Ping, I’m going to be willing to pay the higher prices in the used market.
  4. I have the stock Ping Alta CB 65 in my 3 wood and the stock Ping Alta CB 70 in my 3 hybrid. Both shafts are stiff flex, standard length, and are in right handed clubs. Both come with the stock Golf Pride grip. I would like to trade these shafts straight up for the regular flex versions. Must be stock length and have the G410 adapter installed. My strong preference is to find a trade, but will price at $50 each as required.
  5. For me there is no question that my new set of Ping i500s with regular flex recoil shafts and powerspec lofts is it. This is my first set of regular flex shafts and first set with graphite shafts. I’ve always been a high ball hitter and even with these strong lofts I still hit a very high ball that has no problem holding greens. Distance has improved significantly, especially in the long irons, which has really helped close the yardage gap between my 5 iron and 4 hybrid. I’ve never had as many GIRs. My previous set of irons were Ping G. Prior to that I had been playing S55, G15,
  6. Anser Milled putters originally came with white leather putter covers. Toward the end of the product cycle when they started getting heavily discounted, you could find Anser Milled with a cheaper black putter cover. The putters themselves were identical whether they came with the OG white cover or the cheaper black ones.
  7. I’ve been a Ping player for a long time - I5, G15, S55, and G. I picked up a set of I500s with power spec lofts last week an I am in love. The look fantastic. Feel is great with the Recoil shafts. I’ve always been a high ball hitter. These definitely hit high and land soft, but I am a club longer.
  8. I played ES grind in my 58* first generation Glide wedge. I replaced it this year with a Glide 3.0 Eye wedge. Seems like it has the same sole and is even easier to hit out of bunkers.
  9. As someone that has been looking to buy a set of Ping irons for awhile, this shortage is definitely keeping Ping’s already excellent resale value very high.
  10. If you just bought a whole new bag and have zero intention of buying anything and are just using the bay as practice time, then that is inappropriate. If you are checking out new equipment and just kicking the tires, even though you are unlikely to buy that day, then that is fair game.
  11. Ping Anser Milled 0. One of the cheapest putters I have ever owned (paid around $100 for a mint one a few years after they were released). I’m sure I could get along with many naked Anser style putters with plumbers neck. After using this putter for several years it feels foreign to try a mallet or different style putter.
  12. 1) Set of Jan Craig Headcovers - Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid, extra long length, large pom, used only a handful of rounds - $70 3) Diamana Ahina stiff flex driver shaft with Ping I25/G25/Anser adapter, 44 1/4" from end of grip to tip. - $75 2) Set of 8 vintage Ping grips - $sold 3) Scotty Cameron Headcover - $sold 4) Ping Glide Wedge Set - $sold 5) Titleist Vokey SM4 58* Lob Wedge - $45
  13. All prices include shipping. Not really looking for trades but willing to entertain reasonable offers, especially if buying multiple items. 1) Ping Vault 2.0 Craz-E H 34” slight arc – Only used 1 round - $sold 2) Ping Ketsch Counterbalance 37”, 400 gram head weight, slight arc version, Red dot (1* flat), original grip - $sold 3) Scotty Cameron Futura Phantom – 35”. I put in an aftermarket weight in the cavity and it is stuck. Includes two Scotty Cameron headcovers – the black Futura Phantom cover and a Silver Futura cover. Has a white and blue Superstroke Ultra Slim 1.0 grip in pris
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