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  1. Laznasty

    Tyson Lamb

    From my experience, that couldn't be further from the truth. I was paired with Tyson at a meetup, he's a very humble, down to earth guy that made me feel as if I'd known him for years even though I'd never met a single person that was there before. And then on his own dime, he made these beautiful headcovers for the event and gave one to everybody that showed up. Which was totally unexpected and pretty generous if you ask me.
  2. If you think TM would prioritize putting new putters into play (that 99.99999% of people watching wouldn't even notice) vs the exposure TM gets for winning, you're out of your mind.
  3. It's a shame... Bonobos may have the best fit of all golf clothiers out there, but the patterns and style of their polos is complete
  4. You may feel and think you're keeping it 100% square but you're not a robot, which means there's variance in the stroke. If you consistently take the putter back x degree outside/ inside and follow through consistently x degree inside/outside, a well fit putter can mitigate this and give you a better chance to start your ball on the correct line.
  5. Their website says the right things (IMO) and the few reviews I looked up speak highly of them. But I have no experience with True Spec, so I'll defer to other people on here with much more knowledge on club fitting and True Spec in particular.
  6. Finding actual fitters, not a box store trying to push product. So try to find places similar to Cool Clubs, Hot Stix, TXG, etc. I've had multiple friends and clients go to club champion and come back with nightmare-esque gear recommendations that made ZERO sense for their game. I hate to paint everything with the same brush, but I just haven't seen the results from the big box store "fitters".
  7. I'm guessing you went to a club champion type of "fitting"
  8. Is there something new on the way or is this the result of an unhappy wife lol? Beautiful gear, GLWS!
  9. Living in Northwest Indiana means I don't have to worry about how they feel in the winter, and I'm a wimp when it comes to the weather so my definition of cold is in the 50's haha. Glad you're enjoying the grips since the change though!
  10. Z-cords. Most importantly they provide good grip in the heat because my hands sweat like no other, they're good in the cold/rain as well, and they stay in good shape for such a long time.
  11. I'm not a fan of his, nor do I hate the guy, but I respect his work ethic and the fact that he has his playbook and he's sticking to it regardless of all the criticism he receives.
  12. https://shop.lululemon.com/p/men-socks/Mens-No-Sock-Sock/_/prod8250163?color=39787 I bought some of these a few months ago, and they're definitely worth a look. They've held up well and they're super comfortable!
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