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  1. I've been using them on my putters for the last 3-4 years. I don't see myself changing back to rubber grips. One thing to note, I only play in the rain if its light or misting, unlike most of the die-hard golfers on here, so my grips have held up incredibly well.
  2. it's the scoreboard of the cubs game 7 win in 2016 https://swag.golf/collections/headcovers/products/game-7-scoreboard-blade-cover?variant=39497779904701
  3. Where'd you get that headcover?
  4. Bryson could just as easily tell security NOT to escort people out for that, but he's as soft as a blanket.
  5. He's allowed to use a rangefinder that's accurate within 1 or 2 yards. Does he REALLY need the slope feature?
  6. I wasn't planning on flexing this hard today, but I had me some Integra SV2's(Nike Slingshot knockoffs). At the time I was a junior in high school, I was just getting into golf, obviously didn't have much money, so unfortunately these were Laznasty's first set of irons.
  7. Nice try Logan Paul, you came out swinging but you didn't connect.
  8. I've had one in my Camden for 14 months and I've never putted better. It's gotten to the point where the guys in my normal foursome think I've been getting putting lessons since I've had it. With the SS, I feel like I get away with a few putts that I normally wouldn't, it feels like the ball stays on line just a skosh longer, and my distance control has improved, which has inspired a little more confidence. Is it going to magically erase 3+ strokes a round? Absolutely not. But when I compare my putters that have a stability shaft against my Scotty Cameron without one, the difference between th
  9. I've ordered from them a few times (pre covid) and they were great, and just a few weeks back I ordered the driver and 5w in my signature. After hearing how long you guys have waited, I don't have confidence that I'll be playing them this summer lol. It's kind of misleading that the custom club fulfillment times are being quoted as 10-12 days (8 weeks for Ping).
  10. Currently: 45°, 50°, 54°, 58°, but I might switch to the 0311T's (which would make it 46° and 51° instead of 45° and 50°) to tighten the gaps ever so slightly.
  11. I don't disagree with them being thrown out. While they're at it, take the baba booeys, mashed potatoes, and the "get in the hole" off the tee on par 4's and 5's while they're at it. I just think this is rich coming from the guy that is "living rent free in Brooks' head" as he put it.
  12. ***EDIT*** I'm no longer interested in the autoflex. So if anyone else is interested in the shaft and wants to work out a split, please reach out to @RonSwanson.
  13. Was anyone removed for heckling Reed after the cheating ordeal? That was far worse than people yelling brooksie. Bryson is a cuck boy.
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