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  1. I should have clarified that I was referring to the irons, I didn't even realize the gen 4 drivers were discounted as well! But I'd imagine that bringing new customers to the brand is well worth the $230 discount on a driver for PXG.
  2. They're not selling the new stuff for those prices, it's a way to potentially get new customers into the brand and get rid of old inventory at the same time.
  3. My MG4+'s are the same size as my pair of Air Max NRG's. I can't speak to any other Nike golf shoes though.
  4. TP5, but I'm not long for this world if my life is dependent on my golf game!
  5. If you're unable to find the right replacement parts, I had good luck with the monument golf XL magnetic strap when I had the Bushnell Pro X7.
  6. https://www.allfitgolf.com/collections/golf-geek-choice/products/custom-weights-for-gen4-pxg-iron-0311t-0311p-0311xp-1 I saw these on an IG advertisement. Reach out and check compatibility for the ST's, it might be worth a shot.
  7. I went with a stability shaft and love it, but I also wondered if using a fairway wood shaft could produce the same results. Let us know your thoughts if you end up going with the blueboard.
  8. https://govrnwear.com This company does sole swaps. I'm not sure what all of the options are, but try reaching out to them. I saw the attached picture on their Instagram "govrn_" and it looks they do great work.
  9. The face is forged but the body isn't.
  10. I was thinking the same thing. Shoes that are well taken care of don't just rip or tear out of the blue.
  11. If it doesn't say "rors" near the toe and "Scotty Cameron" near the heel, then what does it say?
  12. Is his contract with Taylormade for all 14 clubs? It'd be nice to see him rolling a Cameron again if that's what'll give him some confidence on the greens.
  13. When they mention the wind being a factor on a putt or a short chip to make it seem more difficult, especially on straight forward 3-5 footers.
  14. There's a rain hood and an umbrella, so it would be more than fine in the rain.
  15. It's called a decolt golf bag by geum technology. I saw it on Instagram and thought of this post.
  16. If you and your friends enjoy giving away money, I'm a 12 handicap
  17. I'll get better pictures next time I'm out on the course. Specs are in my signature.
  18. My track record on here and eBay are 100% positive. eBay ID: lazriss. My bag is set for the month so I'm not looking for any clubs at the moment, but I'd be willing to trade for some rare Tyson Lamb metal. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want more pictures. Prices include USPS priority shipping, tracking, and insurance. 1) KHT Autoflex SF505X. Includes the original sheath and shipping tube. It has a TM SIM adapter and plays 45" in the SIM2. Only hit a handful of times. It's a great shaft but it's just not for me. $575 2) TM SIM2 9° head. Includes wrench and brand new headcover. I ordered it while my current driver was being built by fairway jockey, but with all the rain we've been getting, I was only able to get out one time while I had it (it took an hour and a half to get through 5 holes so I left) and then the fj driver arrived 3 days later. I hit 2 drives with it. $350 3) Ping G410+ 10.5°. Tensei CK orange stiff shaft. Stock length. Headcover & wrench included. You can see the condition in the pictures, a few tee marks but nothing that will impact performance. Easily the most forgiving driver I've hit. SOLD
  19. Beautiful set of sticks! Get some iron covers. A friend of mine uses them, no one has ever said a word about them and his irons still look brand new after 6 years. You'll thank yourself down the road.
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