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  1. A few new episodes have been added, next week should be really good. He recorded an episode with Sulman Raza, the young man that won his match to give U of O the national championship. He is currently playing on the PGA Latinamerica tour. My son said he was one of the nicest people he's ever talked to and appreciated being on the podcast.
  2. I'll pass along the kind words to my son. Next Mondays episode features a player from Arizona State, he's also playing on the Walker Cup team. At this point he's just messaging people who he thinks might want to be on the show on instagram.
  3. My son was not highly recruited and didn't play in any AJGA events as a junior golfer. He was very honest with himself as to what level of college golf he could play at, out of high school there wasn't much interest so it was at the NAIA level. He decided to play for a local junior college that contended for the California state title every year. He had a solid freshman year, it was at that point he put a realistic list of schools together for his coach. His JC coach sent the initial contact email after that it was all my son, what really helped is that my son was a good student and did ev
  4. Full disclosure, this is my son. If some of you do listen to the podcast I'll relay any feedback good or bad to him. He was away at college this past semester and spent a lot of time in his apartment due to COVID so this is what he decided to do.
  5. Scrambling with Dylan Otto It has some good information about recruiting, junior golf and playing college golf. In the first few episodes he describes his journey to playing DII golf, after that he has some good guests including a current Oklahoma St golfer and a couple kids from Australia.
  6. If you have a junior golfer and want some insight into transitioning, recruiting and college golf in general check out: Scrambling with Dylan Otto. He as some good guests, kid that plays for Oklahoma St, a couple kids from Australia and an episode coming out with a highly ranked Arizona State golfer. The first few episodes are his journey to playing DII golf, then the rest have guests.
  7. I left mine in stretchers for 2 weeks and they finally feel good enough to wear.
  8. One item up for sale Air Zoom Victory Tour’s size 13. Picked these up in March, but don’t think I’ll ever wear them. Full disclosure the box is damaged, one of the corners came apart arrived from Nike like that. $225 shipped.
  9. Same here, I really wanted to like these but can't get them to fit and I don't even wear a wide size normally.
  10. My son has been a Pro SL wearer for years, he picked up a pair of the carbons and really likes them. Right out of the box comfort and stability.
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