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  1. Thx. Response 1 min in knows I am in the right forum and will eventually regret selling......
  2. Partial trade considered: X-flex driver shaft with TMAG adapter. Dug out my 2016 M2 head. This is one of those "I will surely regret selling" ads, but you know..... Item #1 Holy grail of golfwrx irons....yes, none other than TX flex. 4-PW plus matching GW Nippon Pro modus tour 120 TX Standard L/L/L Currently no grip on the GW. Air installed Lamkin REL Ace 3Gen std with painters tape. Few nicks on sole, but grooves and paint fill are really, really nice. Asking $350 plus shipping. Item #2 Srixon ZU65 Driving Iron 2-18 deg KBS Tour X-flex Golf pride multicompound grip +1 wrap I think $60 + shipping. **SOLD** ***Forgot to say I have the cover for the UDI and will throw in Master's colors Lamkin ZS cord grip with the CMB iron set.***
  3. Both clubs have seen very little use. only a handful of rounds. both will come with a factory Callaway Rogue fairway cover. Asking $115 shipped ea or both together for $215. 1. Callaway Rogue Sub-Zero 15 deg 3 wood * In good condition - light scratches on sole, few marks on face from normal use of about 5-10 rounds. top is clean. * Standard L/L/L * Grip - Lamkin 3GEN REL Ace * Shaft - Project X HZRDUS Yellow 75 - 6.5 2. Callaway Rogue Sub-Zero 18 deg 5 wood * In good condition - light scratches on sole, few marks on face from normal use of about 5-10 rounds. top is clean. * Standard L/L/L * Grip - Callaway standard Multi-compound * Shaft - Project X HZRDUS Black 75 - 6.5 **3 Wood** **5 Wood**
  4. I came across one at the flea market today and seen this before online, but can't find what the initials are for. Anyone have an idea?
  5. yes. mid-launch the "Max" lettering is in white/gray and low-launch the lettering is red.
  6. i am currently in the same boat and think along with what other wrx'ers have done you would need to know a few more bits of info. To me handicap and swing speed are a couple of factors that I have seen where there is a love/hate for long irons, UDI, and hybrids. Right now I am playing to a 4-5 hcp and driver swing speed is between 115-120 mph. I have a srixon u65 18 deg with steel shaft as well as a callaway x2hot 19 deg hybrid. u65 - can launch it low and run, launch it fairly high if need to. with the shaft i have it is tough for me to work it left off the fairway. it does not like lies with thicker grass. x2hot hybrid - can launch it high or higher and work it left or right. can hit it out of any lie. I love the u65, especially when I went to Bandon. Can't tell you how many times I hit this club there. Back home in GA I feel the hybrid is more help more often. I haven't found a 5 wood, or probably more accurately, a shaft that I don't launch super high and goes any distance different than my u65 or hybrid. Tempted to try a low spin head with low launch shaft 5 wood and just reserve the u65 for conditions where I need that low "stinger" shot in the bag. I did just pick up an Apex CF16 4 iron that I can probably pull off some of those same shots when needed and only slightly shorter.
  7. I think Eric used to be in Sandy springs. He was good to me when I went in.
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