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  1. Popov's exclusion from this week's CME LPGA major tournament has nothing to do with Gulbis' sponsor exemption. In fact, my guess is the LPGA is keeping CME from inviting her. I've read there are plenty of spots open due to cancellations. It's the gutless management of the LPGA tour that's the problem. Other tour players seem to be blocking Popov's participation probably because she is a threat to their money winnings. LPGA management needs to put their big girl panties on and take charge. Popov's participation would be a huge benefit to the tour, one that desperately needed.
  2. H.C. Index = 12.7 Sarasota, Fl NO 1 Japan grips Lamkin played... yes I agree to all activities as mentioned Thanks
  3. Used to go four or five years per set. Two years with the AP1s. Last year changed the shafts to Recoil 806 protos, True Spec, Great but I'm an old goof now and need more distance and higher ball flight so the Mizuno Hot Metals will be in the end of the week.
  4. It's not the club head, they're all pretty good. It's the shaft. Oban purple for me.
  5. Rolled the Anser at a demo day at our club this week. The putters were on there way to the show here in Florida. Uncanny smooth. Couldn't make a ball jump. Every roll perfect. Yes. Mine is on order.
  6. Just rolled the new putters yesterday at a Ping demo day at our club. The big deal was a new insert. Milled with some sort of soft backer. I've got a dozen Scotty's along many others and I've never had a ball roll so smoothly off a putter. When I'm playing with someone who has that magical putting ability, I'm always amazed at how smoothly the ball rolls off their putter and seems to seek the hole. For the first time I could do that consistantly. Think they get to shops later this month. Have fun.
  7. Ping makes great stuff so despite the looks of the original G30, bought one. Tried but not for me, hitting the new Titleist 15D2 now just great.
  8. I own eight Scotty's and now this one. Hated the look 'til I tried it. Just amazing. Could tell in two minutes on the practice green this thing is special. Distance control is spot on and easy. The roll is fantastic. And, the head cover doubles as an overnight bag.
  9. Which one? The 2.0 please. Which putter? My Bettinardi mallet of course. Why? Need to remind my hands to stay quiet. Thanks!
  10. Was there in 1986 for Jack's last win... it doesn't get any better than that!
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