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  1. All professionally installed. I’m selling three items listed below: Titleist 915D3 Driver (8.5 degree) with MRC Diamana Kai’li 60 gram X-Stiff Ion Plated shaft (Japanese import model shaft). Has flower band (X pattern) on top portion of shaft. Half is blue in color, other half is ion plated silver, as shown in pictures. Driver crown head is flawless (as shown) Used but not abused. No tipping or modifications. Standard Lie/Loft, 44.5” Length. Comes with 915 headcover. Titleist 909F2 Fairway Wood (15.5 degree) with Fujikura Motore F3 80 gram
  2. Selling my used (a few rounds) Bushnell Phantom GPS. Only selling due to receiving a GPS watch as a gift. Comes "as shown". No charger or box. Uses standard micro USB plug charger. Condition is current, shown in pictures below. Direct message me with any questions. Color Option : Black ***SOLD***
  3. Seemore FGP as well. Just bought a custom FGP PTM1 from Seemore. I won’t be making that mistake again... keeper
  4. IMO, lengthening putter doesn’t change the lie/loft. The only think it might have effect on is head weight. It’s why you see longer putters with light weights on the bottom. Again that can also be changed to fit a person’s feel. So, go ahead and get it lengthened and not worry about the lie/loft.
  5. Just wanted to ask the question for us "seemore" owners out there. What do you think about the Stealth (black/dark red) RST vs the standard white RST? The other day, i was putting at my local GS and noticed the RST lines aren't that critical for me. Just a reference point check. But I'm glad it's there to check! So for me, the stealth (muted black/dark red) RST is more to my liking. What do you think?
  6. Selling my 2017 “TaylorMade Spider Tour Black” putter. I am the original owner and everything is standard Lie/Loft with no modifications. Grip is standard Taylormade Black Spider Grip (similar to a WINN Grip). Overall length is 35”. Comes with OEM putter headcover (as shown). Pictures show it’s current condition and always ready to send more pictures upon request. $SPF
  7. Very old stash. Not sure when I got them but it was awhile ago. First RZN balls were 20Xi / ONE RZN. These are 2nd gen. And prior gen to RZN TOUR PLATINUM / BLACK Boxes are shown of each dozen to identify ball generation/model.
  8. Very old stash. Not sure when I got them but it was awhile ago.
  9. @custom - yes you can, please do so. @ Ben - this is my old stash. I don’t get to golf as much so I’d like for someone to put them to good use. If you want more than a dozen, we’ll talk about pricing. Pricing is up for the low ballers. If you’re interested, send PM.
  10. Clearing out my stash and have some urethane cover golf balls for sale. Each box is brand new and never used. Only Kirkland Signature balls left. Lets do $25 a box but buyer pays for shipping costs. PM me and we can work out the details. No trades/paypal only. (5 boxes, 12 balls each box) Kirkland Signatures (KSIGs); 4 piece urethane golf balls SOLD - (1 box, 12 balls) Nike RZN Platinum; 4 piece urethane golf balls SOLD - (1 box, 12 balls) Taylormade Tour Preferred/Tour Preferred X; 4 piece urethane golf balls (6 balls Tour/6 balls Tour X)
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