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  1. Ordered TSi3 FW with AD-DI 7 (orange) in Stiff. Standard everything (grip/length/etc) from TGW on 9/7/2021. Dropped shipped from Titleist on 9/29/2021 and came with AD-DI 7 Black Shaft, in Stiff Flex. Grip was midsize. Oh well, it is what it is. Still a hella deal.
  2. Update… Placed an order for the SM8s. Everywhere was either OOS or taking orders. Golf is getting crazy popular….
  3. Definitely right on stock... went back to my local store and they didn't have the wedges I wanted. Was surprised but still... I'm on the fence. Might get the new set when in stock, might wait for the new SM9s. Or might just find a replacement SM6 as I do like my current setup. Basically... I'm all over the place.. LOL
  4. Man… we’re all over the place guys. LOL. Keep em and wait, buy now… wait for a sale… wedges aren’t expensive? Come on… they are when you’re buying three… Was going to place an custom order but was told 6 weeks out. Then was looking to go stock but now I wanna see the what the SM9s are gonna look like… cause everyone is right… not going be huge change with Vokeys. More aesthetically appealing more than anything… but the SM8s do look clean. I’m struggling to make a decision… you guys know where I’m coming from…
  5. Golf courses aren’t what they use to be. I can remember a time when losing wedges on the course before and literally having them returned to me that same day. Either by the group behind or at the pro shop (by someone returning). Sad to say, times have changed and now the whether at the range or course, you have to keep you eyes on your bag…. At all times. With that said, one of my wedges went missing and is gone. Now the question looms and I’m thinking of replacing my set. Went to my local store the other day to try out the SM8s and I was really digging them, especially in high bounce. Was thinking since the SM9s are right around the corner, should I wait? I mean, I can make the set I have work (SM6s with a missing wedge) but another excuse to buy something is calling. Wondering what the WRXers think? Wait for the “new new” SM9s or get the SM8s that you like now? Decisions decisions…
  6. Had to buy one... thanks OP for the heads up. Little late to the party but glad I read this post...
  7. I prefer the 2020 SC models... look/feel/weight/etc. For what it’s worth, I’d go into your local store and just putt with as many putters as you can. You’ll know which is best for you..
  8. Wanted to see everyone thoughts on this putter. To me, it looks great and feels awesome. This is coming from a Newport/Newport 2 guy too. Surprised how forgiving these were... was pretty close to walking out with one but the search is just as fun. Anyone have experience with one?
  9. All professionally installed. I’m selling three items listed below: Titleist 915D3 Driver (8.5 degree) with MRC Diamana Kai’li 60 gram X-Stiff Ion Plated shaft (Japanese import model shaft). Has flower band (X pattern) on top portion of shaft. Half is blue in color, other half is ion plated silver, as shown in pictures. Driver crown head is flawless (as shown) Used but not abused. No tipping or modifications. Standard Lie/Loft, 44.5” Length. Comes with 915 headcover. Titleist 909F2 Fairway Wood (15.5 degree) with Fujikura Motore F3 80 gram Stiff shaft. Used but not abused. No tipping or modifications. Standard Lie/Loft, 42.5” Length. Comes with 915 headcover. Fujikura Motore F3 70 gram Stiff shaft (smoke graphic). Professionally pulled. No tipping or modifications. Tip is cleanly pulled. Used 3 rounds then pulled from my 3w fairway. Everything for SOLD - buyer pays shipping. No trades. PM with any questions.
  10. Selling my used (a few rounds) Bushnell Phantom GPS. Only selling due to receiving a GPS watch as a gift. Comes "as shown". No charger or box. Uses standard micro USB plug charger. Condition is current, shown in pictures below. Direct message me with any questions. Color Option : Black ***SOLD***
  11. Seemore FGP as well. Just bought a custom FGP PTM1 from Seemore. I won’t be making that mistake again... keeper
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