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  1. Not sure I can say I've truly had a favorite of the past 10 years, but maybe most enjoyable to hit was my Cally RFX with a DI7X. First introduction to the DI and it's feel, so likely this one.
  2. I have reasonable expectations of what a golf club is and wouldn't fret about tee marks on a driver face. I'm more shocked that people actually think about this and slightly mortified if someone would actually chose a product based of it's ability to resist tee marks vs. performance.
  3. Do you complain about the cover of the balls in your wedge grooves as well? I can understand wanting to keep things nice when they cost a lot, but this is one of the more silly things I've ever read on here. You are smashing a club into a ball, it's going to get marked up.
  4. Tough pill to swallow, but if you are in a part of NA that isn't really going to get into the season for another 2 months, easier to take. More so with all the cold weather that is going around right now.
  5. Had the old HI-Toe last year (58*) and while I found it to be great from the thicker stuff around the green, but I really struggled with it from the fairway with distance control and not being able to get it even close to the pin. Seemed to fly much shorter than my other wedges. I have 3 raw sets, love rusty wedges, so never an issue looking down at them. Ultimately it wasn't a trade off I was willing to make and sold off my MG2 set.
  6. Except that their is perfectly good gear still on the shelves is part of the consumerism problem...
  7. I have a driver length 80X Kai'Li that I have debated on using for something like this as at least it will have the weight I still want after I cut it down. Just waiting until I find a head I want and then maybe I'll try it out. I just keep hoarding iron sets. I did start last year with a 10.5* G400 @ 43.5" with a KK Proto and liked it a lot. Cracked the face so have a G410+, but 9* now. Shame as I had a few G400 head weights to tinker with to get the SW back up, so may just look for another one of those heads.
  8. I know for me it would be a bit redundant in distance, but I'm sure I will have a higher trajectory with the 5wd just purely by design vs. the TS3 hybrid I currently have. I know that I do question its stopping power into greens if I ever need it as I use it primarily for off the tee work. But to me it could just be a conditions club where I can interchange it without hesitation depending on need of the day and course. I'm over my DI infatuation and happy with my TS3/T1100 combo, so only other option to play around with would be the 5wd. Just picked up another Sim TI fairway head, but this time in 15* (previous was the 14*) to either be in my main bag or back up.
  9. I'm sure the loft isn't helping the case with a +5 AOA. I'm sure with that AOA and the 8.5* head or a D3 you would see a difference.
  10. Save your money for a golf trip and keep the 917.
  11. For sure. What I would like to see is slower fairways for those guys. They are nicer than many courses greens...
  12. Not a shot, but have never understood why PGA Tour stats for driving distance are ever brought up, it's way too small a sample size and varies in club choice. It's 100% irrelevant to basically any discussion. That said, a better way to measure (tho no metric on how) would be measuring the length of the young guys on Tour and how the fitness and nutrition generation are changing things. Today's golfers are athletes, not just golfers. That is where the gains are now along with shafts and balls for final tuning. Club heads are just for off center strikes and maintaining speeds across it as COR was reached long ago.
  13. I've tried a few times over the years to change up the 4i for a 4h, but it just doesn't work for me and I hit my 4i well enough still. I haven't played a 5wd since my 980F days but think that this will be my next attempt at replacing a club in my bag.
  14. Anything that works is still relevant. Have to try adn figure out if it's worth chasing a few extra yards for the cost of new gear. With the price that some stuff has dropped, I can't see it. Up here, the TS line has dropped more than any other line I've ever seen from Titleist, for no reason.
  15. Yeah, 3i has been replaced with more versatile clubs and is more of a relic than anything. I think your setup is fine and don't see anything glaring for sure, so only additions would be pet shots or various circumstances weather/course wise to bring a club for in the 5w and possible DI addition.
  16. Could maybe drop the 3h and go 4h and add a 5wd. But nothing really needs to be added and everything seems to be covered well. Some might suggest a Di for off the tee in place of the 3i but that might be redundant to the 3h loft.
  17. Just find a set of pulls and preferably with grips on and off you go. Re-shafting these is super easy, do it yourself.
  18. If you are going to go all one brand I would think that it has to be either Titleist/FJ or Mizuno staffer. You want to get best bang for your buck and they can dress you head to toe and have shoes/gloves/balls covered. I have an outside chance of being all Titleist club wise if I can find a putter I want. Not currently looking, so unless I bring out my Mil-Spec or Tei3 it won't happen.
  19. Depends on which irons I have in play as I like having brands that match for some reason. So if I have my Titleist irons in then Vokey wedges, Edel with Edel, Scratch with Scratch. That then leaves me either a set of 588 RTG's 46-64 that I rotate in as I feel or a 56/60 set of TVD's that would usually go in with which ever Ping set I have in the bag that has the set UW. Also have a 46/50/54/58 set of Jaws MD5's, but I don't know what I'm going to do with those as I have no Cally irons and so many other wedge sets...
  20. The Callie forged is super nice and underrated, but I actually found it a bit too soft in feel (for me) and reminded me a bit too much of my old Betti BC-2. Love the Abbie tho and that is why I picked up a 2nd.
  21. Currently a Titleist TS2 16.5* with either an 80X Kai'Li or the stock T1100 6.0 75g which I actually really like and have the hybrid version in my TS3 hybrid.
  22. Main gamer for the past 12ish or so years has been a Yes! Abbie Forged 33" with a pile of lead tape on it (finally found a mint one for a back up bag after many years of looking). Usually use that during the main part of the season. Start of the year until I have a decent stroke going, I use an Odyssey Tank Cruiser V-Line 35". Really have no reason not to use the Tank year round as I roll it quite well.
  23. Start of the year will be with 2 drivers but with a couple shafts for each to play around with. First is a Ping G410+ 9* with a TPO 6TX or a KK XT 60X. Second will be a TSi3 10* with either a BB6X or a Ventus Velo Black 6X. Doubt it would be a winner take all as I keep multiple bags, but would likely sell the shafts that don't make the cut. Playing with things is fun.
  24. You don't need to hide anything, you just need to have more than one place to keep things... I have sets in 5 different locations in the house. It is also MUCH easier to do when you have bags with the same basic color scheme.
  25. Have tried steel that matched my irons when I had the Rapture DI and a UDI. Both were ok, but prefer Graphite now. Just better feel, dispersion the same and better distance. Just tipped up a RIP B 80S to try out in my Gapr 2, so looking forward to seeing how that does in a couple of months.
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