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  1. It depends on the day and how I feel... Will be rotating thought Ping, Tilteist, Edel, Scratch and possibly Nike at the start of the year. Who knows where I'll end it.
  2. Yes I do know that a bunch of it is environmental, but there is a reason everything is made there, and that reason in so many cases isn't going to be environmental. The case study would be looking at company profits as they moved off-shore. As China's middle class starts to further rise, it will price out parts in China and you will likely see a shift further South and into India. But this may not happen for a bit, but it is going to happen unless the jobs come back to work to right states where employees have no say and are basically going to be 3rd ish soon if not already.
  3. Would love to see the prices they would charge then to maintain profits. Get ready for $6k TM Burners!!!
  4. Difference being is that you aren't making as 'controlled' a swing to create a certain distance outcome with top of the bag clubs. Top of the bag clubs aren't made to be a precise yardage, never have been or we would all be playing shorter, heavier shafts for more consistency and control. I hit my 4i off the tee far more than into a hole, so exact distance isn't needed, I'm just shooting for a basic window and go from there, but would rarely play it if I knew I was going to get in danger from a total potential yardage it gives me given the present circumstances of the hole (wind/elevation/so
  5. For me, top of the bag gapping means very little. IDC if I have a 40y gap between my 3/4wd and 3H as they are primarily off the tee clubs. I play the hole in from there with whatever I have left from either of those 2 clubs. I seriously doubt I'll ever have an odd number that I can't cover with the rest of my bag. I rarely if ever go at par 5's in 2 if they are above 220 out which I would comfortably hit my 3h or 4i if there is no trouble short. The courses I play don't usually have par 3's that are over 190, so have an iron in hand for that. Driver - something to h
  6. More of a fan of the Lamkin Crossline Cords or Z-Cords if you need to tear your hands up!
  7. Bigger company can usually stand behind their product more and if there is an issue, turnaround (relative to covid) would be much quicker.
  8. Yes, but a small OEM company isn't going to bother with 1 person (maybe a new start up would). If there was more interest and sales justified it, I'm sure they would offer it there. If you really want something, you can get it, but I'm sure it would cost the OP more money than they are willing to spend to get that item. So to me, it's just a sour grapes scenario that isn't going to change. I basically told the new Hogan company that they could take my money for a set of PTx/Icon heads. They wouldn't ship them to Canada. I called them out for being pretty dam pathetic and losin
  9. But one of your reasoning was losing a potential long time customer. Very few are complete brand whores (joke for my current sig is fine), let alone for Wilson.
  10. But this isn't the reality of golf for people outside of forums and very avid players (err, ho's). There are stats (think we used Ipsos-Reid for school projects) that say it takes people 8 years just to contemplate getting new irons. Of the 6 golfers on my street, none have a set made in the last 10 years. I have more equipment than all of them combined. Including my older stuff, I'm sitting on 11 iron sets and still might be picking up 2 more sets of heads this week...
  11. What is the lefty population down there? I'm sure they know what their sales numbers have been like for prior generations and go by that. In parts of Canada (Quebec and the Prairies) they can hit almost a 50/50 split, purely based on playing hockey. These are the highest rates in the world, which I doubt Aus can come close to. So a smaller brand, targeting an already small population just makes no sense. No point in bringing in maybe 100 sets for the whole country and selling maybe 30. Wilson will be over looked by 95% of golfer at least and will stick to the big companies.
  12. I'll play a lower comp ball in the cold. Feels better and still reacts well enough to not worry about anything else and focus on staying warm...
  13. You won't have much luck finding a stock shaft offering that is in the 100g range, hell even 90g is harder to find stock. I have a couple older tour issue Adams hybrid heads in the Classic and LSP. While they are super solid heads and fixed hosel, I would still rather game my TS3 over them. Would like it a lot more if Titleist would make it easier to get OEM tips, but that is them just being greedy knobs compared to other OEM's.
  14. I'm just here to type boob in a thread.
  15. This. Titleist won't even let people get their hands on OEM adaptors ffs...
  16. As for "leveling the playing field". You could likely make the argument that the shorter hitters should ae able to use hotter equipment to hit the ball further to compete with those more physically gifted than they are. But we all know that isn't going to happen as you can't regulate the people within the sport (unless it's the whole genetics issue in female sports).
  17. Ball speed speed and reaction time. How many pitchers almost get hit by a bat vs. have balls go past them. Now add another 6+ mph to that ball speed coming at them. Would be much worse if you added in composite. Not to mention it would make hitters better and likely double homerun rates. As for the fair competition thing. We disagree on the interpretation of the meaning so harder to say. To me, they have regulations in place just for consistency, not fair play. Same baseball used everywhere, same brand of basketball (tho each are inflated a bit different but both sides h
  18. Another option that you can find cheaper is the Lamkin Crossline cords. Actually has more cord in it and I picked up my last bunch for around $6 cdn ea.
  19. Pine, albeit in a perfect world everyone would get fitted for clubs, length is about as irrelevant to this topic as anything else added. Loft is static, it doesn't change wrt to the club (obviously can't say dynamic is static but OEM's have little to no control over that). I also have no idea where you are going wrt to the paint of cars. No one is saying that a blue car will go further than your old red car when they are the same car (tho statistically you might get pulled over more in that red car).
  20. The point is more that he flip flops on things and isn't consistent in his positions. So yes, when someone actually reads something that they wrote, and then replies to THEMSELVES, it is a bit concerning. More so when they state over and over that they don't care and yet keep posting...
  21. I honestly don't know how you can disagree with that.
  22. As I said in the other reply, no those regulations have nothing to do with fair competition because ALL parties have access to the exact same products. Just having a regulation on a ball that is used by everyone isn't a regulation for 'fair competition'.
  23. Safety wrt aluminum bats. But you can't use the 'fair competition' analogy if everyone has access to the same stuff. Are you going to then say that ABC team has better players so they have an 'unfair' advantage over XYZ so regulations should be in place?
  24. I still have 3w and 5ws of the V-Steel's and 906F2's. 906F2 being my fav of that time frame, 980F before that. Next would be the XHP as I think that was the best fairway I've played (cracked 2 faces so gave up on replacing them) and have a lot of fond memories of shots hit with my XHP 80X Kai'Li combo.
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