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  1. You just quoted yourself and replied, to yourself... As for your long winded, ummm, thing, both huh and wow all rolled up into one... 3 out of 4 a solid lol.
  2. I didn't say they don't have regulations. You said for the 'sake of fair competition', I just simply disagreed with that as it isn't an actual thing WRT to the example you provided.
  3. I think your rocking chair is calling Pine. I don't even know what you are going on about at this point, and I'm not sure you have for the last few pages.
  4. Except that isn't true at all. What rules in the MLB or the NBA are in place WRT equipment that is for the sake of "fair competition" that every other team couldn't do the same? If everyone can do the same thing, it isn't 'for the sake of fair competition'... You've completely missed the point in that you aren't given an actual choice, but have to follow said rules. If anything, you could say it is a discriminatory practice limiting choice.
  5. I replied to what I had pulled form your quote, you brought the rest in. But thanks for trying to add more or clear things up...
  6. I would upgrade to the G425 for that difference. Would also go with the I210s, but I'm more partial to those than the others.
  7. 1. Is there not rules regulating what you can put into competitive play already rather then just letting people use anything? Is this not "regulating what they should and shouldn't buy"? 2. a 170y 7 iron isn't far at all... I'm a bit embarrassed for you in thinking it is... 3. Yes OEM's are full of "marketing gimmicks" and this is calling them out on it... The fact you don't have an issue with it is a bit disturbing. Baaaaaaah Baaahhhh
  8. I re-shaft my own gear and don't buy new, so don't over pay for anything... I made almost $3k last year flipping gear or rebuilding sets and that covered everything in my sig and much more...But you try and step back on that horse cowboy... Literally everyone I ever sold a set to or worked with thanked me for being up front about things rather than just toe a line for sales because they have been poorly served too many times. Horse seems a bit taller now tho huh? Funny thing is that if you didn't care, you wouldn't have posted, but your self entitlement got the best o
  9. The lie is that the OEM's are constantly "jacking" the lofts of things and saying you'll hit xyz iron further because of all this new "tech". This isn't even something I would assume a wrx'r would ask... The VAST majority of golfers have no clue what so ever about what their specs are, left alone be able to recite lofts of various sets. That is the issue, not that a wrx'r has a basic understanding, that they are misleading the general public that they are recreating the wheel each generation. If you bought a set with a 43* PW and are happy with that set, congrats, you have a set
  10. You said no matter what the cost, and now have put in a number. $500 for a set of irons, and then how much more on everything else? Are you all of a sudden north of $1k? Again, for people just starting out, that is a tough pill to swallow, more so when they have no idea going in. So a bit harder for them to then find a set on ebay with shafts that work and then take them somewhere to get bent. All well and good for someone with even a marginal understanding of golf and what they need, but not likely with the amount of new people that came to the game in the past year.
  11. Yes, that would likely coincide with the mass influx of golfers that came to the game like 1998-2010. While players irons were still in the 48* ish range for PW, some had already started to creep forward. By '05, a 45* PW was already an SGI staple (RAC OS and Fushions) while the G2's still kept it at 47*. This to me would be the bulk of players in the 35-50 range that are accustomed to this loft range (I'm 42).
  12. Kind of disagree with this as lower price point items have their place in society as not many have the financial means to go full into a new hobby like others do. It goes with my other hobbies as well in photography, archery and woodworking. You can't call yourself a photographer and just use a cellphone camera (maybe if you are just an urban shooter I guess) as it will be the cheapest camera you can get (it's free with the phone...) and yet can't do much of anything compared to an actual camera with good quality glass unless you want to only shoot things within like 20'.
  13. Understood. But you can't compare a 3* change in loft to what is going on now. By that thinking, a 7i back then would be what they are calling PW's today in some sets.
  14. When I started to get more interested in golf and actually paying attention to equipment, I had the 695CB's (14ish years ago). They had a 46* "PW" and I have been a 50/54/58 guy basically ever since. This has been my 'comfort' level so to speak in the range of what loft I can reasonably consider a "PW". Something that is sub 40* I can't even remotely begin to accept. I even have a hard time at 44*. I would have zero issue what so ever if 50* became a default loft or range for that club with a +/- 2*. It makes sense as if I'm really going to be "pitching" the ball, it is likely
  15. You will be able to play that driver for the next 10 years and not really have to worry about losing anything...
  16. Depends if you are doing the re-shafting or paying to have someone to do with and with new shafts rather than pulls that you can find for much cheaper. I love re-shafting my own irons (no puller yet to tackle the graphite) as it gives me more options for cheaper. If paying someone for it, not likely worth it in the end as new retail shafts are crazy over priced.
  17. 100% there will be people who will stay with the brand. No different than any of the other fanboys, even better that the equipment works for you. But I would say you are likely in the minority, even more so now with those who were gen1 buyers who did so as a status symbol due to price and hype. We all know that there is money out there and that people spend it, but I don't think it could have been a decent plan to think that all those who eventually bought in would continue to gobble up each release to sustain the business.
  18. But they aren't the new shiny company anymore, and those innovators and early adopters have experience with that product. It's easy to sell some on the great unknown of being a new company, more so with their outlandish initial claims, but to get those guys again at full pop, I'd bet less than 50% would and have likely moved onto something else.
  19. It's isn't much. But the constant price changes have left them wondering why even bother. Was more just for a quicker turn around for the customers as they do good volume of stuff. So rather than have people wait 3-5 weeks they could walk out that day (or next) with a fit club.
  20. We have a fitter up here that has some woods in stock and is wondering how they can sell stuff that is less than their cost from PXG. Even after exchange, the price difference from their price vs. PXG is like over $200. PXG has also been massively gouging on the shipping costs of equipment up here to help cover other expenses...
  21. Bad analogy. They could have over estimated the market and over valued that car. Dropped price when more interest showed that $35k was a deal breaker, but $33k wasn't. No different than someone selling a club here, but dropping the price a week later to move it. I've done this over a period of time on how much I'm willing to eat in difference from original asking price. Are they/me actually losing credibility? No. At this point, retailers that were carrying PXG are shaking their heads as they've been basically tossed aside with no regard for this new model. Apparently the pr
  22. If it's a good price, yes. No reason not to buy more clubs...
  23. I couldn't imagine actually wanting a sub 3k spinning 3 wood. I've been a head case with driver in hand for 10+ years and relied on strong 3 woods and likes for far too long, so understand playing it off the tee only as having little to no confidence in (more yourself in trying to do too much and manage expectations) putting a good swing with the driver and keeping it in play. Moto for this year is going to be 'keep the f'n ball in play and stop chasing numbers, even if it means being a bit shorter playing a cut/fade with the driver'. Don't need a low spinning 3wood to roll out m
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