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  1. General pro vs con is the consistency of the GW to the rest of the set, more used for 3/4 to full shots. Going to a legit wedge means you likely hit more partial shots or ship with it more and need a better grind option. Personal preference for me is a set GW is something I look for in the sets I play as I tend to use it 99% of the time for 3/4 to full shots.
  2. Fixed it for you as you basically answered your own question.
  3. I have had a number of split sets over the years, but only one I currently have in the stable the Hogan PTx Pro/Icon set. Nice set, but would have liked a bladed 7i.
  4. it's a club that I really wanted to love, and picked up 3 different times and tried various shafts with it. Never thought to throw a little lead tape on the head, which likely would have helped. It's a nice head, feels good and sends the ball far. Just didn't end up working out.
  5. This. Very good forged irons and wedges (loved the VPC's). Woods, very much lacking in performance and shaft offerings (ewww, stock Fubuki's). Wanted to love the VP driver, looked good, sounded good, went no where.
  6. Depends on what you are looking for. If it's increased distance, look elsewhere, or I guess you could 'power spec' them. If its very good/great distance control (personal opinion) and playability, then they are fantastic. Not going to feel the 'best' (subjective to a degree), but perform as well if not better than pretty well anything else out there.
  7. Huh, some "ignore" feature ya got pro... Even try and throw in some pop culture reference to show you really mean biznizz
  8. Just confirms you're about as embarrassing as losing $200 worth of balls in a short period of time.
  9. I don't think it matters what time of year it is... To lose that many balls is embarrassing...
  10. If you are already hitting a 4wd 280, then your 4i should be going almost 240 already. One might assume just getting a 18*-20* DI would be the next choice.
  11. If you aren't playing blades, you are just a fairway14 wannabe
  12. I would maybe just look into another shaft for the Sim before chopping down the one you have. Sell it to fund another one. In my fitting in the fall, the Sim was terrible and all I did was hook it with what ever combo he game me for some reason. Ended up taking a flyer on one with a Ventus Black a few months later and it was great. Actually game me confidence in drivers again. Of course I sold the head for no reason. But ya know...
  13. Lol, I didn't think of adding in weight like that. I haven't done it with my G410 yet as I bought the weights in the fall when I had already stopped playing for the winter. But I had done it at the start of last season with my G400, playing at 43.5" and quite liked it. I can't see this not "working", but a fun experiment none the less.
  14. Would need to know what the actual clubs are, not the lofts before you can actually hope to make a suggestion. "old lofts" doesn't mean a 46* PW, just means common sense to a certain point and not T400 stupidity. But as mentioned above, needs to get out and see where things are and if he's going to keep playing to make use of the investment. No point in upgrading gear if he's only going to go out a handful of times a year.
  15. Sweet, peanut gallery has shown up... Also curious how someone can lose $200 in balls in a month if it somehow pays for itself within that time frame... How bad are you?
  16. Does she actually want new, more expensive clubs or is this just a way for you to pick up an extra club or two as well and hide in on the statement?
  17. I've seen on some other reviews people saying the paint job is poor and should hold up to more abuse along the top line. I agree to a certain point, as you would like it to hold up some. But tough to really think when smacking something into another thing at 100+ mph more often than not...
  18. If you look back, you can find Vokey going on about how a wedge is wearing out after a small amount of use (claimed amount of rounds vs. actual usage). So they are pushing that you need to change wedges much sooner. Not to mention the price of a wedges is borderline sad now and costs way less to make I'm sure than a wood. Had to look up the specs of the T-400 that people were mentioning, just gross they are stooping to this now...
  19. You should know your lofts in the first place with which ever club you have in your hands that you are going to put into play or test out. Just google each OEM, check the lofts, say 'eww' and then proceed to not be surprised anymore.
  20. Have you looked on the news lately to see what some people are like?
  21. Just go find an old BB/Kai'Li/B and off you go.
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