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  1. Z-Cords, but picked up a couple Gripmaster grips so will be trying them out.
  2. Because there is is always failures, regardless. More so with a first gen full composite head. It's basically a 100% certainty that "some" will blow up. How many, who knows. But it is a 100% that SOME will fail. Really didn't think that this would be something that could be questioned... I had a Ping G LST blow a toe out within 5 swings that was NIW, straight out of a fit cart when I worked at GT years ago . Ping said they had never seen that before. Chit happens...
  3. Have to get some pics up of the Dormie covers I got myself for xmas/bday. Red base driver and fairway maple leaf, white base maple leaf hybrid and the Puttwiser putter cover. But will likely try and find a Canadian cover I prefer for my Tank. Have an older Titleist Canada Day bag, but likely going to get one of the newer ones to complete the red and white overload.
  4. setter02


    oof, at least. nothing like reviving a 5+ year old thread.
  5. Only if I ever go back to having a staff package, then maybe. Tho not likely going to happen, so 2nd hand and what I like. Can have as many as 5 brands in the bag at any one time.
  6. More or less this. I play a 44.5" or 44" driver (I'm 5'8"). Lots of stock offerings are 45.75" or more... So I would potentially be almost 2" short of "stock" length... Get the right length and SW and it should get sorted out quickly if you have a +1 ability.
  7. If your miss isn't a hook, then a 5wd opened up a bit might do the trick. if that still goes to far, you can always set it closer to neutral, increase the loft and spin a bit and maybe that hits the yardage you're trying to achieve.
  8. I'm fairly certain some of these will basically explode, so pics would be sure to follow. So we would see these pieces, just likely later and followed by warranty returns.
  9. Yeah, agreed. I had lucked out a few years ago and picked up a pile of the Lamkin Crossline cords when they were closing them out and changing the label on them, they were great. But I flip clubs too much and went through that stash faster than I should have...
  10. More of less this, but can often be found for good pricing, so doesn't hurt as much to regrip as needed. Played them for a few seasons and then bit the bullet and went back to Z-Cords or CP2 wraps when I wanted a pillowy feeling in my hands.
  11. I wouldn't put the T200s in the same class as the other 2 or even think about it in that category vs. other OEM offerings ('19 Apex Pro's for example). While I haven't hit the T100s, I game the I210s and had the T200s for a bit last year and found them to be quite clicky and not enjoyable to hit vs. my Pings. They did the job, but other than that, wouldn't want them vs. other options available.
  12. No, the mount. I saw them up there with some nib Wilson blades from like the early 90s or so in the roof above the bosses office. I'm sure that they are still there, I mean there was dead mice up there guarding it...
  13. Haven't liked a Nike ball since the Tour D. I'd be more angry that he has that much of something I didn't want! Still funny to see random stashes like this. I know a pro shop with like 4 nib Norman Cobra 2i blades that will never see the light of day, for no reason...
  14. For me, that spot depends on my needs at the top of the bag. If I think I need to add another club, then the GW gets dropped and I change up my wedges a bit for better gapping. if not, then I will run a 4 wedge set up for my 14 clubs.
  15. Did you seriously just make an account to post this... Wow...
  16. Just don't 'sink' any of your own money into this!
  17. Fixed the spelling for ya. One "wonders" how you made it this far
  18. Because the golf industry doesn't need more f'n gadgets that likely don't work as intended. Likely don't last very long or likely increase the cost to the consumer as you would then have to purchase only equipment affiliated with said gadget (if a chip in ball is the idea). The idea is to get better at golf not, carry 15 crutches.
  19. Maybe take lessons to get better? If you want to waste money, might as well be on something that could truly benefit you.
  20. Although I won't be getting one (have good sticks already and would just buy another Sim anyway), I'm more curious as to how well this carbon body is going to hold up.
  21. Does PXG own the place that makes their gear or do they contract out. Second, you keep asking a question that you don't know the answer to as the basis of your argument...
  22. No different than cars at the dealership. But MSRP and reality are 2 totally different things.
  23. When you have a billionaire who started his own company by poaching Ping guys and still can't get the top end people to come and play the best equipment ever made
  24. Any driver in my hands where I choke down an inch or two and take the swing that I should make in the first place to not get in trouble from the swing that I make in reality.
  25. I know, but more from just the obvious of putting a channel/slot in. Faces getting thinner and thinner would be the easiest go to as long as they can make it strong enough to handle the abuse. While Adams did it with Ti heads, I think that it has been a boon for TM in that they can make a fast face, but not use the more expensive material, while still charging like it is.
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