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  1. uh...if he keeps hitting the ball with his toe, tell him to quit kicking the ball! duhhh.
  2. You really make me feel better about myself Jet. lol... You just got these! I use to hate my little puny 86 mph 6 iron swing but I am so glad now that I have it because if I could swing rebar like you do, I would be divorced by now because I would be buying all your leftovers. lol Back to the 900 forged?
  3. When a player is put with your threesome and his name is Jones Scott. Because you know all day long he will be hitting his driver 400 yards.
  4. I purchased mine when they first came out. It's been in the bag ever since. It holds the honors of staying in my bag the longest.......ever. I did install some yarn in the head for some reason. It sounds basically the same though. Still a good sounding driver.
  5. I am playing my brand smacking new set of CF16 pros and I have to say my Mizunos are starting to get worried. If my back 9 goes as great as the front. I will be playing these for awhile. To be fair. The CF16'S have C-Taper Lites verses my 900 forged has Modus 105 shafts.
  6. I just demoed the Ping G400 driver against my Mizuno jpx 900 driver. The Ping G400 was completely stock with the 55 gram shaft. I did not see enough of a difference for me to change. As a matter of fact, if I was demoing both for the first time, I believe I would have picked the Mizuno over the G400. This was based solely on ball flight. The Ping was high as opposed to the Mizuno was mid/high. Everything else was really almost identical. I will be playing the Mizunos for another year. If the G400 couldn't get me to change, not sure how anything else can.
  7. Could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  8. Something that I found with my 900 driver that was a surprise. I tried a black shaft and the head looked huge. I put the stock shaft back in and the head was smaller. I now understand why they chose the colors for their stock shafts. Has anyone else noticed this?
  9. Kucher is just a great solid player. Would love to play a round with him.
  10. I have been playing a Rife Bimini putter for awhile and can say this is easily the best putter for me. My distance control is amazing. I have virtually eliminated 3 putting. Instead of 2 or 3 a round I am averaging 1 every two rounds. In several fittings I have been told I am a straight style putter. Putters that are face balanced have always been good for me with the exception of distance control. The Bimini putter shouldn't fit my style but I can read and hit my lines so much better. Not really sure why but it works. Anyone on the fence about this style should really try them a round or
  11. What you need to do to protect yourself is each of you pay let's say $500 or so for the clubs. So you will be sending out money but receiving it right back. PayPal fees is minimum to have the piece of mind
  12. I am still experimenting with my wedges. I just bought the gap wedge. I had been playing Mizuno mp-T11 wedges 50,54,58. Truthfully, I can get rid of the 50,54 wedge because it seems like it's either a pw or my 56 degree wedge.. I would say in the last 4 rounds I used the 50 once and the 54 twice. But really could have hit the 58 and would have been fine. I really didn't get all the big gains like everyone said. If anything, I might have gained 5 yards. So gapping really hasn't been an issue. Now what I have gained is less distance loss. I have been a good ball striker and am a better one
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