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  1. He certainly has a point. However in MLB there were people that bemoaned the increase in HR's. In football, there are people that bemoan the passing game and the ridiculous offensive records being put up. There are some similarities there, but also some differences. Part of the issue with the increase in HR's is that people find that they have increased in a 'cheap' way. Many of the ballparks became even more hitter friendly, batters strike out like it's no big deal and between the steroid era, juiced baseballs, etc. it has cheapened the game. In the NF
  2. Figure out what is giving you the most trouble. Then find an instructor that is known for improving that. Then keep a focus on improving that with your instructor for the first 6-12 months. RH
  3. Orange Tree in Florida has a very fun 'Scratch Game.' Lots of rules go into it, but it's wildly popular as it's been around since 1972 and they play it every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Some basic rules: - They use all of the tee boxes for the variety of golfers and you're more likely to be moved up a tee box or two than what you normally play. This helps keep the scores low (Orange Tree is difficult) and gives even higher handicaps the chance of shooting 75 or better. The tee boxes are dependent firstly on age and secondly by handicap. - They typica
  4. I removed the shafts from the old Edel wedge design and the new Edel SMS wedge design and measured the head weight. The Edel SMS (60* D-Grind) actually weights 2 grams less than the original design. RH
  5. I've never had an issue per say other than it's a pain for me to get the shaft all the way in with the shin. Takes some muscle to do it. I found I had better success when I trimmed the shim down about half way. But I've shimmed many irons and never had a problem with them after installation. RH
  6. To me it plays about like a X100. Feels similar to the KBS Tour X-Stiff, but the ball doesn't spin nearly as much. RH
  7. Correct. Angled greens that go from the left side of the green being more of the front of the green and the right side of the green being more of the back of the green are green designs that give Tour players the most trouble. #18 at Orange Tree is a pretty similar. I found that golfers on #18 at Orange Tree need to add about 6-yards to left pin locations, 8-yards to middle locations and 4-yards to back pin location in order to comfortably clear the water on all shots that were reasonably off target to the right. RH
  8. Correct. Shot dispersion on Tour tends to be short on shots that miss to the push side and long on shots that miss to the pull side. With the driver Tour players had a a slightly greater tendency to miss to the push side than the pull side. With irons the misses to the push side are much greater. Thus the short and push side miss is much more prevalent. So when getting a front pin location it's common to hit a short and push side miss and miss the GIR altogether. With middle and back locations that short and push side miss can still miss the GIR. R
  9. I added the Edel SMS 60* lob wedge as well. Here's some pictures showing the difference between the old Edel model and the Edel SMS model: The SMS model looks more like your typical wedge. It's a little more boxy than round. Personally I always dug the look of the old design as it was different. But the SMS performs so incredibly well. In fact, I'm thinking of getting the 52* in a T-Grind. I hit my current 52* (TaylorMade Milled Grind HB 2018 model) really well, but I think Edel is really onto something with the weight ports. The 56* and 60
  10. From my experience it depends a lot on your stroke, grip, etc. I've tried the Nippon shafts which can be made much heavier. I've tried the Stability shaft and that was a disaster. I have a conventional reverse overlap grip with a good amount of the grip in the fingers and a pretty standard type of stroke. What I found was that heavy shafts and stiff in the handle section shafts are no bueno for me. So I go with either the True Temper or Apollo stepped shafts which are a little softer and slightly lighter than your standard. I have the Apollo stepped shaft in my current gamer
  11. Removing the flags for practice is usually a good idea on par-3's. For instance, for the average Tour player, they are hitting a 150-yard shot from the fairway/tee box to approximately 27-feet and about 22-feet of that is offline. It's not uncommon for a 150-yard par-3 green to be about 45-50 feet wide. So if a flag is say 10-feet left of center, aiming at that flag will likely mean a lot of quality shots will miss the GIR that would not have missed if you aimed at the middle of the green. And the other thing about par-3's....if you were to par every single par-3 on Tour...not
  12. I went to a nutritionist about 5 years ago. Her plan was for me to have 3 meals and 2-3 snacks per day. With each meal she wanted what she called 'C, F & P.' That's at least 1 complex carb, 1 health fat and 1 protein. And she recommended at least 1 fruit or vegetable to go with it unless I already with the meal. I can't remember how we are supposed to do the snacks. RH
  13. Scott Fawcett's DECADE system has helped a lot of golfers. My work in Pro Golf Synopsis is pretty much similar in terms of the conclusions based on the data. A few things I would recommend are: 1. Get to know the legitimate average carry and total distance of each club using a launch monitor. 2. Learn how to use Google Earth determine your best targets off the tee and on approach shots. Hitting more GIR's is a good goal and better course management will help with that. But better course management will also help you avoid hitting into hazards
  14. IMO there's really no such thing as a 'jacked up loft.' It's the launch and spin conditions (along with the speed) you need to get the ball the right distance. The first iteration of the P790 had a 'jacked up loft' of 45* on the PW. Yet, I couldn't hit that PW anywhere near as far as I could hit my Srixon Z945 blade PW with a 47* loft. The CoG was different and that affected everything. In order to hit that P790 wedge as far as my Srixon blade PW, I probably needed to get that loft closer to 42*. Bryson talks about this as well as he has 'jacked up lofts' on his iro
  15. Putters are way too soft these days. Too heavy as well. This entire 'club stability' thing with the putter is a bad idea for most golfers. I think 'jacked up lofts' are good for the vast majority of golfers, even Tour players. They should get rid of swingweight altogether. The concept is fine, but the execution is laughable. For some reason Miura irons feel too heavy for me. Stop it with the red dots on putters. Seriously. Stop it. I have no interest in a WITB if it's all 1 brand. I think Graphite Desig
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