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  1. I have the G400 Max, the G410+ and the G425 Max. The G400 Max has the stock tour shaft (x-stiff) the 410+ and 425 Max I just have my Ventus shaft that I've used in both. The G400 Max is excellent. It does launch a bit high and it's not what I would call 'spinny', but when I get nearly 15* of launch getting 2,500 rpm is more than ideal. When I went to get fitted for Ventus at Fujikura HQ in 2019, they had me hit the G400 Max and they were telling me that they didn't think they should touch a thing with the G400 Max. The numbers were really good and I was
  2. Swingweight? No, not really. It's a faulty measurement. Using total club MOI Matching and fitting is a better measurement and plays a greater role. Getting fitted and matched for MOI compared to swingweight can help greatly with impact dispersion and launch/spin. For instance, I recently purchased a Ping G425 Max driver. I just took my Ventus shaft from my 410+ and installed it on the 425 Max. When I first hit it I was hitting it too low and the impact dispersion wasn't quite as good. I then measured the club on my MOI Auditor and it came out to 2,775
  3. Typically the full time players who are keeping themselves within the top-150 in FedEx points don't arrive until Monday afternoon until the earliest. Particularly if they made the cut the week before. They tend to try to have a set schedule as best as they can, so that's why they usually don't play in the Monday Pro-Am. Getting $1K for playing in it sounds about right. That can pay for their caddie's base salary for the week. Tuesdays is usually when the players really go to work. They'll play either 9 or 18 holes and then put in hours on the range and the green. This the day
  4. The biggest thing I've taken away from David Orr's putting instruction and his web site is that you can't be afraid of face rotation. And that OEM's, component manufacturers are always trying to reduce face rotation. Depending on one's putting stroke, they may very well need a putter that will provide them with the face rotation they need. I don't think Tiger or Crenshaw or Faxon would putt nearly as well with a low face rotation putter . But a golfer like Jason Day may putt worse with a higher face rotation putter. The Anser design works for many typical Tour level p
  5. New driver in the bag: I'm a big fan of the G400 Max, but the spin and launch is a little high. The G425 Max certainly spins lower. I just put my Ventus from the G410+ on the G425 Max. It was a little hooky, but that may have been some swing issues due to changes I'm making. The club comes out to 2,775 MOI, I added 4-1/2 grams of lead tape to get the MOI to 2,825. I suspect that will raise the launch a little. RH
  6. I believe that aiming is a skill as well as having the proper fitted putter. Most golfers I see either aim too far left and then 'push' it out to the target or they aim right and 'pull' it to the target. Consistency becomes an issue if the aim is too far off line. I was the guy that aimed about 2 degrees to the right and then cut across the ball to get the ball online. I started to change my aiming technique and worked hard on it and eventually got to near perfect aim with the putter. I then changed to a Bettinardi Queen B #9 and my aim moved further out to the right. But even
  7. I have a great deal of respect for Dr. Hurrion and his research. I might disagree with his thoughts on putter head weights. I think today's putter heads are too heavy if you're a traditional trail hand low, reverse overlap putter. I also know one OEM told me that they found softer putters, either due to grooves or mill grinding of the face don't perform as well in human tests, but perform better in robotic testing. I personally found a smooth face increased the smash factor and now I don't need to take a bigger stroke to get the ball to the hole. I think the heavier heads are l
  8. It's because when they start missing left (for right handed golfers) they start to develop what they call a '2-way miss.' Typical shot dispersion on Tour is to miss short on pushes and long on pulls. The short-push tends to be far more common of a shot result than the long-pull. As good as the pros are at controlling the face, sometimes it gets slightly open more than they need and the flare to the right happens. A couple of years ago I did research for this in my Pro Golf Synopsis examining the best vs. the average vs. the worst players on shots from the fairway or
  9. I'm currently using a GoodWood custom G7 (Dale head). It's only a 330 gram head, stepped Apollo shaft, smooth face and I installed a Sacks Parente grip which only weighs 36 grams. It's arguably the best feeling putter I've ever had. The other would be the old Wilson 8802. I got it on my 15th birthday. It had the old Neumann leather wrap paddle grip. Back then those putters were light, butt this didn't feel light, it just felt perfect. I remember one of my good friends who I was very competitive with as a junior golfer was known more for his putting and short game while I was
  10. He doesn't look anything like that to me. Doesn't have the back to get the right lateral bend or the upper thoracic spine extension. I like what Tiger has done with his swing recently, but the back and not being able to practice has zapped his speed. But it doesn't look MORAD-ish to me at all other than he's more centered in his pivot. RH
  11. Shallows out the shaft. GG wasn't about holding the angle. He was about not pulling down the arms. Mac's extension of the trail arm isn't really pulling the arms down, it's more about extending the arm outward, away from the target. Chris Como has a similar concept. He showed a visual of it where the player would take an ax and throw it into the ground behind them. RH
  12. I would consider the following MORAD philosophies to be very mainstream. Posture - rolled shoulders. Used to be people where into these straight back postures with a 'duck butt' Strong left hand grip. Used to be taboo. Centered pivot action in the backswing. Not exactly something everybody does the days, but far more en vogue now. Upper thoracic spine extension. This just wasn't talked about. Trail knee extension in the backswing (used to be keep your Trail knee flex in the backswing). Extending the trail arm fast i
  13. If it were to be a cult, it would be a lousy one since there are almost no long standing members. Mac requests that his students don't spread the information out for free on the internet or on TV. His thinking is that if they give it out for free, then why would they pay to go to one of his schools? It also goes beyond that...he doesn't take to criticism and to his credit he does reserve the right to change some of his teachings/philosophies when the research deems it appropriate. A lot of golfers think they know MORAD because they'll watch a video from the 90's or
  14. I don't have a swingweight machine. On my MOI Auditor, my current gamer plays to 2860 kg-cm^2. The static weight is only 482 grams at 35-1/2" long. RH
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