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  1. I have played a four wood for many years having found that I always used to go to the five wood rather than three wood if I wanted a safety shot off the tee. I figured there was no point in carrying a club I didn’t use. Recently I did a Cobra fitting and they gave me a five wood with the three wood shaft and I got great results with the combination of loft and shaft length. Might be worth the OP trying some options that allow an adjustable shaft so he could get the pro shop to set up something similar to try. i cannot imagine owning a “traditional” 3 wood again. I wi
  2. I think they said the fairways have had a lot of traffic since the covid increase in golf participation so the fairways are just pretty worn down with a lot of patchy parts.
  3. I think you are right. Didn’t see the green when I was watching last night.
  4. Good spot. Still haven’t figured out Nelly’s driver!
  5. Has Nelly Korda changed her driver this week? Just watching tv coverage of her on 13th it didn’t look like her Callaway...
  6. I agree completely. I think most OEMs make good clubs and yet some manufacturers work for me better than others and I think it is because they suit my eye or have a particular feel or something. My first “proper” irons were Callaway X12 and every set I have had since then I have been trying to recreate that feel. So for some reason that means I am happy with Callaway, Ping or PXG (my current 0211 irons bought in the recent deal). I have tried other makes but they just don’t feel right. They aren’t bad clubs but I cannot play well with a club that doesn’t feel right.
  7. Anne Van Dam has to be in any list for the current era. Agree with the OP on many of the recommendations and have always loved watching the Big Easy. Adam Scott is always good to watch. I don’t know why there are so many good swings with the South African golfers. Maybe something to do with the conditions they play in growing up?
  8. Darn I had it in my head she was originally down to play this. Next time then!
  9. I would love to see Klara Spilkova make a break through. I love her swing. Or Leona Maguire. Feel she hasn’t yet got to the level in the pro game that her amateur record suggested she might get to.
  10. Great work as ever, Greg. Life is starting to feel much more normal now we can play golf, watch live golf and check out the contents of the latest WITB. Missed all that in lockdown.
  11. For me the 4 wood is always good. A bit older than OP asked but I think the G25 4 wood is hard to beat. More recently I had an M4 3 HL and that was also very easy to hit.
  12. I think it is possible for a single OEM bag to work, in part because I think the OEMs have a target consumer (average golfer) in mind and if you fit that profile the bag would likely work for you. Currently I have a mixed bag but I could easily game a full bag of PING. Callaway or Titleist would also be options for me but I don’t like the hybrids. TM I don’t like their irons. Cobra I could do a full bag but there would be a different putter. I have just taken advantage of the PXG pricing and could easily play a full bag but would find it hard to justify the wedges over my beloved PM grind
  13. Not only is Charley with TM, she is also a blade player and the new blades spotted in this forum were first seen in her bag when she played the Justin Rose event in the pictures. i have followed her round at the British Women’s Open and wish I could hit the blade like she does!
  14. Nice bag. Cobra make great gear at the moment.
  15. I am in the match the gap wedge to the irons camp. Partially that is because I play the PM grind and they don’t do a gap wedge and partly because I use the gap wedge mainly for full shots. I don’t like using the sand wedge and lob wedge from the iron set and probably haven’t done so for a decade.
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