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  1. Oooooooh, now I am interested. How does that compare in terms of bounce, grind and face size to the PM grind?
  2. The more I read the other replies to this topic, the more certain I am someone is going to post a couple that I missed off my list! Great thread.
  3. I might miss a few in this: - Confidence II (I think it was called that. Sold by pro shop to beginners) - Hippo (not sure what model) - Callaway Steelhead III - Callaway Hawkeye VFT (wanted to be Monty!) - TM 360 (wanted to be Ernie!) - TM 540 - Titleist 975 JVS (I think it was called that) - Cleveland launcher - Cobra S1 (?) - Ping G2 - TM R7 HL (the high launch one) - Callaway FTi (owned twice) - Callaway FTiQ (hated more than words can express) - PING G5 - TM R11 - Callaway RAZR fit - PING G25 (owned twic
  4. I wonder if Callaway will bring out a rival...?
  5. Phil for me is definitely in my top 15. A career slam would put him in my top 10. For me one of his strengths is that he managed to keep belief in the Tiger era. Personally I think without Tiger that Ernie would have been the dominant player and would likely have six or more majors. However, his belief was hit, in my view, by the relentless pursuit of titles from Tiger. Would Phil have won more majors early without Tiger or would Ernie have picked up more. I think the latter. That being said I would always chose to follow a group containing Phil if I was
  6. I think it is great seeing what is on their bags and love some of the mixed bags. My bag was very similar to Tiffany Jon’s for a while. Until they went all Titleist I loved the mixed bags the Korda Sisters had. To answer the original OP question, though I think the i210s are very popular with the LPGA players and so are PXG.
  7. PXG offers something not far from this (other than choice of insert). Personally I think their putters are the best club they make and am surprised more people don’t use them!!
  8. For me it is actually driver. I am much better with 4 wood off the tee and then that often leaves a hybrid or 7 wood next shot. So those clubs get used most. My driver is inconsistent and when I look at the average results on a hole when I have taken the fairway wood I am generally scoring better. It doesn’t stop me seeking that unicorn driver. So if I played a sensible game the driver would be worst value for me as it would likely not even be in my bag. I think part of the reason I keep hitting it is the cost! I agree with comments around irons being best value on
  9. Great story. Thank you. I bought 0211 irons and an operator putter last year during lock down. I found the service to be great and they were very keen to book me in for a fitting after lockdown to make sure everything was working. You will enjoy that bag.
  10. This is actually quite hard. TM just doesn’t work for me. I like the fairway woods and hybrids. I also like the putter. Their drivers don’t work for me and I have not had sufficient experience with their irons. Love the TP5x though. Titleist I like but not sure about their hybrids. Would love to have everything in one of their hybrid stand bags, though. Also would happily stick some ProV1x in the ball pocket. PING would be a better choice for me although I prefer deeper faced fairways than the PING ones and I don’t like the current putter choices so wou
  11. Nice bag. I had similar clubs for a season but with i200s rather than the Mizunos. One of my favourites setups of recent years and I am not sure quite why I changed them!
  12. I have been playing a MAVRIK driver since late last season with an original EPIC 3 wood lofted up. But I just took advantage of UK reductions to under £200 to pick up a MAVRIK 4 wood (love a proper 4 wood) and, because it was there, a 7 wood as well. First full Callaway set of woods since the original EPIC (that I still have the 3 wood from) and before that the RAZR range.
  13. I think a lot of it is mental. Ernie Els won majors with Taylormade, Callaway and Taylormade again and his ranking was pretty good throughout that period. I think he is fairly rare, though. There aren’t many who have won majors with multiple manufacturers (I suspect there are many members of this community who will be able to list more than my one example). Graham McDowell won a major with Callaway and then moved and arguably his game went down. Phil M has done ok with Callaway as well. So I don’t think there is a particular problem with Callaway. I think there are tim
  14. Hi there i made this change recently and asked a related question. You might find some of the answers in this thread useful: https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1796311-new-putter-for-left-hand-low/ I definitely feel like I need less toe hang but am waiting until I can go to store to be properly fitted like one of the posters suggested. Jordan putting so well with an anser style putter also makes me think it is possibly more about feel than real also!
  15. Those wedges are gorgeous and have my PM grinds trembling! Still waiting to get more on the rumoured PM grinds.
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