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  1. Not sure what happened but I decided the $11.99 u fli soft was too good to pass up. Ordered 5 dozen but received the 2020 Maxfli tour instead? Haven’t plYed them yet but thought it was a nice upgrade for short money.
  2. I’ve owned Ping i200s and the 0211s are IME, head and shoulders above. They are long, feel great and are accurate if swung properly. I am actually seeking a second set for back ups when this set wears out lol.
  3. Tried putting Maltby DBMs back in the bag at the range but the PXG 0211s in the starting lineup are just too good...
  4. I thought so, they were ‘whippy’ and felt ‘mushy’ when going after one, if that makes sense. In hindsight, I should’ve reshafted them with steel but sold them for a bit over what I paid for them. if you’re going for a senior flex, I think they’d work out at R flex.
  5. Agree! They’re also great at thin shots. I’d have my DBMs in the starting line up if not for how short I am with them. Much better gapping with my 0211s to the SIM Max woods and hybrid...the 5/6 irons are also much easier to hit although the TE/DBMs are pretty forgiving for a thinner players club.
  6. Playing PXG 0211 with Elevate 95 shafts.
  7. Completely new setup including bag: Driver: Sim Max 10.5 R Stock Ventus (SV) 3W: Sim Max 15.0 R (SV) 5W: Sim Max 18 R (SV) 4H: Sim Max 22 R (SV) 5-LW PXG 0211 TT Elevate 95 R Putter: TaylorMade Spider X Chalk Bag: Nike Air Hybrid carry/stand
  8. Both bags are 14 way with 3 slots on the bottom. Left and right slots are sand and lob wedges, respectively, and middle is putter.
  9. Sim Max 5w is so good it’s making me rethink if I even need the 3w.
  10. I’ve always kept a backup bag that consists of the last used gamer gear. This season is the exception as I sold off my backup driver, woods and hybrid to limit the $ hit on the new SIM driver, FWs and hybrid. None of the guys I regularly play with keep a backup bag.
  11. I liked single bend the best for my sbst stroke.
  12. If TM is no longer monitoring this thread, mods should shut it down?
  13. I’ve been playing QST for the past two seasons exclusively since the Gamer Soft was discontinued. For me QST is long enough and never had an issue stopping the ball on greens. Inside 100, it’s one hop and stop plus it’s very consistent in putting feel and distance. Been trying to just stick with one ball model and with nearly a gross of these left, I’m committed to the QST for quite some time.
  14. Srixon Q Star Tour for the last two seasons.
  15. For fans of Maxfli tour balls, the old U fli soft balls are just 11.99 a dozen at Golfworks. Steal for urethane balls. If I didn’t already have a gross of QStar Tours, I’d stock up. These U Fli Softs are great balls.https://www.golfworks.com/maxfli-u-fli-soft-golf-balls/p/mxb0015/
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