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  1. I keep a bag at my in laws lake house for when we visit. It has the same irons as I use in my gamer bag, Nike VRS Forged irons. The rest of the backup bag: Cobra F8 driver TM M4 3HL wood 3-4 Callaway BB hybrids Nike Engage wedges Odyssey Stroke Lab 7 Honestly, i could be perfectly happy using this set up as my main bag if I had to.
  2. How timely, just now the announcers on the CBS broadcast of the Zurich astutely pointed out how 7 woods have become much more popular on the tour.
  3. I was in the same boat...PXG 0211 v1, great irons but i went back to some of my favorite irons, Nike VR S forged irons from 2012. Nike was ahead of their time with this line. Great distance, plenty of forgiveness and superb feel. IMO these are as good as anything out there.
  4. 11.4 HC and I switched back to Nike VR S Forged, had been playing PXG 0211 (Gen 1). The Nike straddle the line of Player irons vs game improvement.
  5. I’ve read that Nike VR S Forged irons were Endo forged, if true they get my vote.
  6. Very nice! I just went back to the VRS forged and picked up another set for backup. Great irons!
  7. There was a saying buyers had at the retailer I worked at...”hand slapped for an overstock, a** kicked for a not in stock”. In addition to lost sales, you lose consumer confidence.
  8. I’ve always used nail polish remover (acetone) to get tee marks off my clubs.
  9. I’m gonna say the Cobra ZL Encore was the first true fairway finder for me...was in the bag for a long time.
  10. I’m bucking the trend and have gone back to Nike VR S Forged irons from 2012, supposedly Endo forged. Bought another set in great shape off eBay for backup.
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