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  1. A counterbalanced grip will make the putter head feel lighter. Getting a larger size grip is just fine. Make sure it's similar in weight to the stock grip or the head will feel even lighter again. Additionally you can get a larger grip and change the weight in the putter head to one that is heavier. No need to change the whole putter if you like it. For the majority of people...changing only the grip doesn't really make you feel like you are using a heavier putter. Adding a heavier weight to the actual head and a larger grip would do that.
  2. Haha standard boutique service. I'll expect mine around Christmas.
  3. It's always so hard to tell with this model. This might help. http://golfclubbrokers.com/blog/counterfeit-scotty-cameron-studio-select-newport-2/
  4. I have an HB 11 Soft and i love it. It's a nice compact mallet with some milled face tech. It has a soft feel. Great putter.
  5. Why not pay the $100 and get fit. I've tried all types of putters and don't really find any difference in forgiveness for me. I aim a blade better. Overall putt better with them aswell. I would say mallets slightly ruined my putting for a few years. To each his own. Go get it fit. Go take a few lessons. Those are the best options imo. Option b. Spend many hours rolling different styles of putters until you find one you can square up.
  6. Usually these are for slight arc putters, not sbst. You would need a double bend shaft most likely for sbst
  7. I thought about getting standard milling, but figured I may aswell go with something that was designed to help put a good roll on the ball. Kudos to them for developing something unique for a boutique maker. I ended up going with the pyramid milling in the end.
  8. I also hated it. Slippery and oddly shaped imo. Probably one of the worst feeling grips I've ever used
  9. The rusty look is very nice too, i find that I generally tire of looking at it. I've had s few rusty putters but always end up getting them refinished. Personally, I loved the original finish on your mills left, but to each their own. Just game it hard and don't look back.
  10. That Axis 1 really looks nice. Perfect shape there.
  11. Looks really nice. So clean and simple. Similar to what I'll be going with I think.
  12. Nice touch. I think that's perfect for a putter you know you aren't selling.
  13. @PixlPutterman very very nice. What are the dates?
  14. This is very true. To be honest I donr expect anything until our season here is over. All these makers take longer than they quote. I'm not certain how much handwork goes into one of these, but this can often be huge consumption of time.
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