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  1. Thanks. This is what I was looking for. You are right, it's very hard to for nike stuff right now.
  2. Probably 3 dozen. I'm asking in Nikes line up.
  3. Hey all. I've been looking for a vapor fly fairway wood for a while now. It's very hard hard find in left handed. Was the Covert 2.0 similar? Is there another head you can think of that is more similar to the vapor fly? And help would be greatly appreciated...
  4. Just like the title says, looking for a vapor fly 3 or 5 wood. Head only is preferred as I'm I'm Canada. Let me know via pm with your price. Thanks!
  5. Hey all, Here I have a 2.1 from L.A.B Golf up for sale. It was bought brand new last season, used very seldom, and is in near perfect shape. I've painted the sigt dots black with some nail polish. Can be removed...looks better in the black imo. Directed Force 2.1 32" 70* OG Press Grip Headcover included. $279 shipped and insured from Toronto **will extend to whatever length you wish before shipping** Thanks everyone!
  6. His putters are worth the money if you don't mind paying 1300 USD for a "Lamb-esque" custom putter. There is no way anyone is getting anywhere near their money back if they ever choose to sell. This isn't a Scotty or a Betti or a Byron or Swag that hold their resale value. Seeing a guy make great putters that the average Joe will never buy does nothing for me. That's just me.
  7. I have never heard of warming up a grip before. Interesting. I do have a heat gun handy.
  8. I often use both....solvent and masking tape then blow it on. If you can do it with double sided and solvent, it should be easy enough with air.
  9. Hey all. Looking to throw a new grip on an armlock putter. Many grip options available have a .580 core, but the shaft is .610. Will it be possible to throw on one of these smaller .580 cores on a .610 shaft? Grip will be 15" long aswell. Thanks
  10. Hey everyone, Here is a really awesome putter refinish done by another WRX member "OneAugusta". He does some really amazing torch work. I sent it in rusty (was a look i tried to roll with) and it came back pristine. I cant forget to mention that this was the first custom I had made and remains my absolute favorite. This is its 3rd refinish (?if you are reading this Lamont, I have a sickness lol). This will be the LAST refinish I have done on it. I received it with his Arizona blue torch finish initially, messed it up while tinkering, and now am returning it to its o
  11. Thanks. Cant wait to take them outside in the spring and really get the rust going...
  12. Thanks for the response. Sign me up for whatever you are making in LH. Its exactly what I need. There truly is no real solution to allow for the full benefits of the putter. Please let me know when the LH options will be available. Thanks
  13. Hey all. I finally did something I had wanted to do for a few years now. I stripped the black finish off of my Glide 2.0 stealths. A combination of CLR, steel wool, elbow grease resulted in the photos below. Ill likely paint fill orange before the season starts. Any comments or suggestions are welcome!
  14. The problem is obviously the built in forward lean. The feeling of the grip is just so non traditional to me. Its like playing with a hockey stick turned sideways.
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