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  1. Looking great Matt. Nice to see these models being completed.
  2. How have you guys found communication with the company? I'm having trouble keeping a flow of conversation going...$600 burning a hole in my pocket Anyone know the best way to iron out the details?
  3. This? Looks like the post is 90* to me. Should be able to find a kit online.
  4. Yeha there is nothing at all available on the market for this. Very few putters have a 90* post or hole aswell.
  5. I dont want to hear it Matt! You've got a new Lajosi and nice TP Mills since you ordered this lol
  6. ^^^ but actually...so slow. Hopefully it turns out exactly like you wanted. No matter how ping it takes...his work is clean.
  7. The problem with this knuckle kits is...the post has to be 90*, or no post with a 90* hole in the head. So many putters have angled posts. The eagles post is used for adding offset at times. Some odyssey have posts that are slightly leaning towards the heel. It's pretty tough to find one that works well with the knuckle.
  8. I've installed and uninstalled mine multiple times. I don't separate the collar from the shaft. I just remove it all together.
  9. These are my gamers. They transformed my iron play .
  10. Hey everyone,Here is aScotty Cameron Select Golo Mid42.5"Stock headcoverScotty Cameron Round Belly/Anchoring GripThis putter is I'm really amazing shape as per the photos. Upon purchasing I can cut down to desired length and throw on a regular sized grip. Looking for $280 shipped from Toronto.
  11. Agree with above. I see nothing appealing about a $500 OTR scotty. Even their limited releases aren't that impressive these days. To each their own...but they are not for me.
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