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  1. Thanks. Cant wait to take them outside in the spring and really get the rust going...
  2. Thanks for the response. Sign me up for whatever you are making in LH. Its exactly what I need. There truly is no real solution to allow for the full benefits of the putter. Please let me know when the LH options will be available. Thanks
  3. Hey all. I finally did something I had wanted to do for a few years now. I stripped the black finish off of my Glide 2.0 stealths. A combination of CLR, steel wool, elbow grease resulted in the photos below. Ill likely paint fill orange before the season starts. Any comments or suggestions are welcome!
  4. The problem is obviously the built in forward lean. The feeling of the grip is just so non traditional to me. Its like playing with a hockey stick turned sideways.
  5. 20 layers wouldn't fix the problem. Ghe whole grip is horizontal. Imagine a flat cat grip with the flat sides facing north and south. Not quite as dramatic but that shape.
  6. Because I'm left handed, doesn't the grip had to be flipped?
  7. Hey all. I purchased a brand new L.AB 2.1 earlier this year. I must say I've grown accustomed to the feel, sound, and looks of this putter. The forgiveness makes it worth my while. Unfortunately, I really hate the OG Press. I dislike how the grip sits horizontally. I also dislike that its somewhat skinnier than I'm used to. Has anyone tried a more conventional grip? If not, is anyone using their other grip options? Thanks.
  8. Here i have up for grabsPING G400 IronsPW and UW onlySTD LengthOrange DotNippon N.S Pro 950GH RegularNew Lamkin OS WrapsThese were purchased on eBay early this season and barely used. The pain fill is Tiffany blue...can be cleaned up before sale. Shafts aren't in perfect shape but no rust dents etc. $110 shipped from Toronto for the pair. Thanks
  9. 1) MannKrafted Sugar Skull Set D W H Black leather fronts with black material backs. Driver is brand new and has never seen the outdoors. Fairway and hybrid have been used by are in great shape. No rips tears scrapes etc. Looking for $200 shipped from Toronto Thanks!
  10. hey allHere i have a Tensei CK Orange Extra Stiff70xPING G400 Adapter360 Tour VelvetMeasures 44.25 from tip to gripThis was a factory installed PING build. No messing around.Looking for $175 shippedThanks all
  11. I would check your...lengths first. Lie second. But thats just me. If you are hitting it off of the heel/hosel, I'm not sure how lie angle will help you all that much.
  12. hey all. I've mostly removed the finish of my glide 2.0 stealths.. They aren't quite even in the removal, especially arond the hosel, the CTP port cover is still black too. Has anyone attmepted this on these wedges or other clubs with a similar finish?
  13. I play a 919 driver and Sterling Irons. I cant find anything to replace either. They are both perfect for me. I never found any wishon hybrids or fairway woods that worked for me however.
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong but does the ES not stand for Eye sore? Instead of having that elongated toe, they rounded it off. Best of both worlds?
  15. Thats what I use. Es stealth. I've removed most of the black finish too. They look sweet. Always looking around at other wedges also...
  16. hey all. I use 54 and 58 ES wedges. I will be keeping them for this season, but likely picking up some new wedges from PW- LW in the off-season. If anyone has switched, what to? Why? The ES is so versatile...im concerned I won't find anything like it. Thanks!
  17. hey all... Here I have the old unicorn rapture 3 wood up for grabs. Conditions as show in pictures. It will come with the head, cover, and adapter. K believe its a rh adapter. Looking for $150 shipped from Toronto Thanks!
  18. One problem i have is the "lie". Club lies keep getting more and more upright. Im short, and play everything short and flat. So many of these woods are too upright for me. Hook central.
  19. Absolutely but if the response to every question was...go get fit it is personal...this forum wouldn't be very fun lol
  20. I would absolutely love to try a new wishon head. I bought my 919 without testing and it's still going strong. Basically nowhere at all to test Wishon equipment near Toronto.
  21. I dont have a measurement currently...4*flat from standard. I would guess it is maybe 54 or 55 ish.
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