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  1. The balls are new, but all the balls have cuts or extra bubbles of the outer covering.
  2. just got the TP5x from GolfAvenue. every ball had either a nick or extra coating blemish.
  3. > @dxdgenert said: > crap job on turning the ferrules. They also used different shaft than original. what makes you think they used different than original shafts. as far as the two clubs having different ferrules, I assume the previous owner reshafted to test them out and then put the original shaft back in
  4. Can someone tell me what the difference between these two shafts are? Is one silver and the other one black?
  5. Bump, I really need to shrink them , they are all stretched out and loose on the clubs.
  6. These 2 putters look almost identical yet the ball comes off the face very different. Anyone have knowledge of these older putters? Thanks in advance.
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