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  1. 100% that is the special cover. Enjoy the extra cash if you flip it.
  2. I would not do small claims court. I do not have the time or the will to take it that far. They won't be touching my clubs again so buffing and grips are out of the question.
  3. I don't know how much due diligence you expect a person to do before the responsibility of the service provider doing a horrible job, becomes the responsibility of the service provider. Whatever that is, seems unreasonable. Keep in mind, I live in a small city in Canada so my options are severely limited to what you would have in a giant Metro area. Golf Town doesn't even align grips properly so they are out. (I do grips myself now). -I was advised by friends and through staff that the work they do here is very good. Although I don't specifically know if any of them had the same service done. -I reached out to the GM to see what the turn around time would be on this service and he gave me a schedule -I was at the course the next day and the GM introduced me to the head fitter/builder and assured me I was in good hands. -I prepared a detailed spread sheet of what exactly I was looking for and what the end result should be. Based on everything that occurred up to this point, I felt pretty comfortable. However, according to you I still didn't perform proper due diligence and I am to blame because I didn't specify that I didn't care what condition my clubs were returned in. Selling me a set at wholesale would not be considered as compensation. Compensation implies rewarding for a loss. Compensation does not imply that the "receiver" need to use his own funds and time (sell damaged set) to feel whole. This would cost my course nothing.
  4. You're making A LOT of assumptions about OP which I have never personally answered and you definitely haven't asked. I don't recall stating that I wanted a set of replacement irons on their dime. At worst, I thought it would be fair to sell me a set at wholesale cost.
  5. What exactly am I asking for that's unreasonable? Paying for a service and expecting them to treat my possession with care? I would hate to do business with someone like yourself. I run a business and while it's not exactly similar to the golf industry, I would never hand a final product to our customers that I wouldn't be completely satisfied with myself and expect them to be happy with it.
  6. Home course. Keep in mind, this is a very small city in Canada. I have reached out to the GM, (nice guy) but he is out of the office so I am still waiting to see what the response is. It's a very nice course, but we are not talking a huge operation here with 54 holes and 3000 members. It's not part of a corp. chain of courses. In fact, I am not even sure who the ownership is at the moment as it has changed hands a few times.
  7. My last set of forged irons that I had for 6 years never had any dents close to this severe so I respectfully disagree. I’m not asking for free equipment so I’m not too worried about it.
  8. GM’s out of office went to my junk mail. He posted on Instagram showing that he was getting his hand stitched at the doctors office. Not really sure when to expect him back. I’ll send an update when I hear from him.
  9. If this was true, all clubs would look like a Craftsman wrench. Unfortunately what may be true for you isn’t true for the masses. There’s thread after thread on here of people fawning over the looks of certain clubs. I take care of my possessions and expect a reasonable level of care taken for when paying someone to provide a service. I would be fine with a few small marks here and there but this is not reasonable and many experienced people in this thread agree.
  10. Where’s the anger. It’s just a conversation and it’s fine to disagree with someone’s opinion. Anyone who would be okay with is hard to fathom.
  11. The only one assuming anything here is you. I spoke with the GM and fitter/builder at the same time and was assured they could get the job done. I don’t live in a huge metro area. I live in a very small city in Canada so my options are limited. I’m certainly not taking them to Golf Town. Where did I say I thought that the lies and lofts were correct? I’m already in talks with another guy to check that for me.
  12. Thank you. I'm in complete awe that some people are okay with this "workmanship" and fully expect that I should bend over a barrel and accept it . I'm not a typical WRX guy (owning multiple sets of iron per season) but I have been around the game for 20+ years and worked at a golf course during university. Yes, this is the first time I have had my lies adjusted that didn't come straight from the factory. Plenty of my friends have had this done and I have never seen results like this before. I know crappy work when I see it, and I certainly wouldn't hand these back to someone and expect them to love the results.
  13. And if they couldn't fix it, they would be responsible to find someone who could, or replace the damaged item. I don't know that I have a set amount to feel whole. It's not really about the money. I think a fair option would be for them to order me identical clubs through their account. Once they arrive, they can take this banged up set to sell and recoup some or all of the cost to them. I know what the wholesale cost is for this set as my fitter showed me. They should be able to get close to that, possibly more. It may not cost them a dime, but it leaves me happy and they made an effort to take care of a long time customer. I have sent off an email to the club now thanks to a lot of help from the comments on here. I will wait to see how they respond.
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