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  1. Sprinkler head in your line within 2 clubs of the green and your ball Free relief is this true? nevermind, i guess these are posters local rules.
  2. City, State:EDMOND, OK Handicap: 8 Current Irons: SRIXON 585 Do you agree to be part of a GolfWRX Member review thread for Ben Hogan PTx PRO irons and add you review, photos, stories and updates? YES
  3. I watch it at work. So I think its worth it.
  4. I went from j15 cb to srixon 745 and now on to 585 Very happy. Still take the j15 out every now and then but the 585 are so forgiving and still feel good
  5. I play much better in the afternoons. I think its because as i get older (45) my body take longer to wake up.
  6. I belong to a golf club and 95% of the time its straight from the car to #1 tee. (or number 5 if 1 is busy)
  7. I thought is was a good show, much better than that top golf crap.
  8. Does this look normal? The ball was a chrome soft. It won’t wipe off. I can’t feel it. It seemed ok on the next shot It just looks weird. Side note : I got the sz driver, 3wd, 3h, and 4h And 3 wd is only one that this has happened to. Second side note: the 3wd, 3h and 4h are the best I have ever hit. The driver is still in adjusting phase.
  9. my in-laws bought me a pair. In my opinion they did not help. They were blue .
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