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  1. Hi, This will be the first of a few sales since my clothes no longer fit me. In this lot are ten pairs of shorts. They are size 36 waist except for the green adidas shorts which are a size 35 waist. I will provide discounts if you want to but multiple pairs. My only real trade interest would be Travis Mathew size 32 shorts/pants or size medium shirts. Thanks and let me know if you have any questions. 1) Travis Mathews - grey with orange strips - Lets say $30 - SOLD 2) Travis Mathew - Sky Blue - Lets say $30 - SOLD 3) Travis Mathew - grey shorts - has an expandable waist - Lets say $25 - SO
  2. Hi All, Hope your doing well. Not really sure how to price everything so going to ask $125 for each item. Feel free to make offers. Not really looking for any trades but I'll listen if you have something good. Let me know if you have any questions. 1) Aldila Rogue Silver 130 MSI - 70TX. Shaft measures 44.75 from tip to end of grip. Has a TM tip and a mid size z cord align grip. SOLD 2) Mizuno HMB MP-20 2 iron. It has a AMT Tour White x100 shaft and a tour velvet align grip. SOLD 3) Taylormade M2 Tour 3 wood. Was told the head was tour issued. I know the shaft is from tour van. Shaft
  3. > @DMAIC said: > Is the Vokey incl with irons and if so what degree is it? No, the vokey is not included. Thanks for the interest!
  4. Hi, Two items up for sale today. Feel free to make offers if you think my prices are out of line. 1) 716 Ap1s. PW-5 Iron with steelfiber 110s regular flex. These are well used but still have plenty of life. Grips will probably need to be replaced soon. I did post these a few weeks ago but buyer backed out after I had closed the ad. SOLD. Thanks. 2) M2 Tour 3 wood. I was told the head was tour issued when I bought the club. I know the shaft is (I got it from the tour van at the valspar). I dont know the specs, but it is 13.5 degree head. The shaft is tipped one inch strong and the club
  5. Shafts sold. All that remains is the Gap wedge for $50
  6. Hi Everyone, Just a few items for sale. Really not sure how to price them so feel free to make offers. Really looking to sell but I will listen to trade offers (but my bag is pretty much set). 1) Titleist 716 AP1 5-PW and SM6 F grind 50 degree wedge. The clubs are standard length and lie. 5-pw are shafted with steelfiber 110 regular flex shafts. The grips will probably need to be replaced at some point. IRONS SOLD. Lets do $50 for the gap wedge. 2) Modus N.S. Pro Tour 105 S flex. Seven shafts total. These were pulled from mizuno 919 irons. I am under the impression that they woul
  7. Price Drop! Please feel free to send an offer if you are interested. The worst I can do is say no. Thanks.
  8. Kingston sold. Thanks. Please send offers if you have any interest in the Scotty.
  9. Looking to move 2 putters today. Not really looking for any trades but I will listen to offers. Also not sure how to set the prices so please make cash offers if you think my prices are out of line. 1) 2) Scotty Cameron Futura X7m Dual Balance. The putter is 38 inches long. Just got it for x mas but not going to make the cut. Lets say $250 $210. 2)Kingston KP001. This is German Stainless Steel. 34 inches long. The bumpers were hand softened. SOLD.
  10. Driver head and weights sold. Hoping to get the shaft moved. Feel free to make an offer if your interested. Thanks.
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