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  1. So I ordered a 70x and was going to pop it into my SIM Ti 3 wood. But....the place I ordered from did not receive my message to cut it down to fairway length and tip it so when I got it it was driver length. Rather than just cutting it down myself, I decided to pick up a SIM driver head and see if the combo was any good. Yup, it was so good I sold the SIM driver head and bought a SIM2 driver head. It is a really great combo for me. For reference I have been a Tensei Pro White guy in driver, fairway and hybrid for a while and never loved the blueboard profile. This thing is really great. I read
  2. From what I read when they first came out the main idea of the HMB was to make a MP iron that would launch slightly higher and be slightly more forgiving than the MMC. That's it. They were not designed to be juiced up rocket launchers like the i500 or P790 which everyone erroneously compares them to.
  3. I got my i210's built with MMT's by fairway jockey. TXG also has an online store that will probably be able to build them up for you no problem. If there's a will, there's a way.
  4. If it is a split set of some kind of techy long/mid irons and solid short irons, then I suppose it could be some kind of super combo set = longer irons are like i500 series, mid irons are like i-200 series and short irons are like iblades/BPs. Like a combo set without all the hassle of deciding where to combo or how to adjust lofts to gap. Maybe there will be a marketing emphasis on how they put a lot of thought into how the set blends perfectly. This could be where the rumors of "one set to rule them all" and "not a direct replacement of anything" are coming from. Personally, i like my idea.
  5. RH SIM 9* head only. Headcover included. Very good condition. Clean. Asking SOLD shipped
  6. Hopefully, they learned a lot from the Anser irons they released what almost ten years ago? Those did not feel look or perform any better than the i-series of the time yet they were about 2x the price and nobody bought or remembers them. (Queue the one guy that bought them and thought they were great responding in 3, 2, 1.... )
  7. Since you have time to decide. If you haven't done so already and aren't going to get fit, I highly recommend popping into a store and doing the Mizuno optimizer. It gives you 3 shafts that should be a close fit as well as a recommended lie angle. It was pretty spot on for me when I tried it. I may do it again ahead of the MP22 so I know what to pre-order
  8. I dunno, if it were me, I would just try not to over-think it and let the fitter do their thing. Actually, if it were me, I would not get fit and just buy both sets and then sell the one that wasn't as good for me, but I have problems. Don't want this thread to get too far off track, though.
  9. Played first round with 50 and 54 Full. I actually forgot my 60 at home so got a lot of time in with the 54. I am a weak weak bunker player and the the two bunker shots I hit with the 54 came out very well. The full sole never felt clunky or too wide or anything on other shots.
  10. I had both HMB and i500 4 irons. For me, the HMB launched easier and felt much softer, I did not see any distance gains. The i500 was a rocket launcher. If I remember the HMB marketing correctly, they are actually not really "player's distance" irons. They actually dialed the center of the face back to make them more consistent all across the face. They didn't want center strikes to go a mile. HMB is just an MP iron that is meant to launch a bit easier and be a tad more forgiving than the MMC. Most reviews on HMB ding them for not being long and that is because they were not meant to be. i500
  11. I got a 50 and 54 Full. Black satin look amazing. They feel great. Stock setup is great. I thought I would have to bend them flat, but I don't. Can't go wrong. I also had a 46* satin chrome that I ended up trading in because I didn't need it, but it def has me thinking of just going 5-9 iron in my next iron set(s). Less irons to buy in a set means more iron sets I can afford, lol. That is one good reason I can think of to go non-set matching PW. They are almost always cheaper than the set-matching wedge.
  12. The problem is that it seems like pretty much every OEM is making great stuff right now and almost all of them have staggered releases throughout the year. So while you are waiting 6-12 weeks for your order, something else gets leaked. It's both a great and horrible time to be a WRXer.
  13. Maybe they pured it for you.
  14. I ordered a set of Srixon ZX7's first week of January. My thought was, I will enjoy them as a bridge from now until the PING i59, Mizuno MP22 and new Titleist irons come out. During the 11 week wait for the set to arrive, more and more rumors started dropping about all these other new irons and I completely lost interest in the Srixons. I hit them once at the range and sold them on the BST the next day. Moved on, no remorse. Looking forward to the late summer/fall releases now. I would not rule out buying another set as they are fantastic irons, but once I lose interest in one club and get my
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