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  1. Rh 3 iron. Stock length. Lie: 2 deg flat grip: std align mcc Tensei white 90x shaft. Note that this is the no upcharge Titleist version of the Tensei white and not the TX aftermarket version. ordered direct from Titleist. Played 9 holes and hit at the range off of plush mats a couple of sessions. Was only hit off of grass one shot. $230 shipped
  2. Man, all of a sudden I want that black MP FliHi....like, really want it.
  3. Got to play 9 with my UW yesterday. Hit it 3 times for second shots on the par 5's. First, ok swing, kind of low heel miss that flew low/mid and was about 20 yards short of the green. Great miss. Second, low sun was directly in my face and couldn't see so choked down and hit a screaming low draw that landed just short of the green and rolled over the back. I was intentionally trying to keep it low so could actually see where it was going with the sun. Great miss for a shot I don't really practice. Third, missed my drive right and had about 230 to the green, but had to fade it around a tree to get there. I smoked the UW nice and high, but it did not fade. That is me. I do not have much fade in my swing and it was a lie with ball above my feet. Plenty of height and distance if I had just a bit more skill to cut it would have been pretty good. Pretty fun club. Lots of versatility. With the UW, I feel like when I don't pull off the shot I'm trying I find myself blaming myself and not the club whereas a lot of other clubs in this slot I find myself saying that I just can't pull that shot off with that club.
  4. Hmmm, sounding like this head with red face is going to match up nicely with my Ventus Red.
  5. Trying to find that perfect 3 wood is part of the fun of being on golfwrx. I have owned I think seven 3 woods so far this year.
  6. A year or two ago I had a 19* hybrid and followed that with a PING i500 4 iron. Was a fun setup. The 4 iron for a driving iron is good because it still goes plenty far if you draw it and yet will have more use than just driving off of the tee. Dedicated driving irons are kind of a one trick pony for me since I am already a low ball hitter. I'm thinking of picking up one of the new P790 3 or 4 irons with a graphite shaft. They look fantastic.
  7. Yonex did all carbon woods a looooong time ago. Maruman did all ceramic around the same time if I remember correctly. I remember wanting both badly, but they were super expensive. I'm sure whatever this is will perform light years better than those woods, though.
  8. Played one round. 44" from tip to grip. Should play 45" in 425 driver head. Standard tour velvet. No tipping. $225 shipped
  9. I have a tour issue 57* lie angle Sim2 Max 3HL. Loving it. Was going to dump 3 wood from the bag, but this thing is too good.
  10. Snuck out to hit a few. Man, this head looks just fantastic. The matte and carbon finish are great and the ridgeback looks asymmetrical in photos, but when you put it down by the ball it totally works and the proportions of the steel and carbon on the crown are great. The head size is pretty small, if that appeals to you, this Pro line is for you. The sound and feel is solid. I have the Tensei AV Blue 65x in mine and I'm not sure this the best shaft for me in this head. I generally like a bit heavier shaft in my fairways and I wasn't timing it great. Flight was nice mid boring flight and super easy to launch consistently from the deck. All in all, this is a VERY good looking smaller fairway and I think it is worth taking a look at and getting it dialed in if you lean toward small shapes. I'm going to hit it some more and think about maybe getting a different shaft for it.
  11. I got a 16.5 as part of a golfwrx promotion. Looks super good
  12. Got my 16.5 today. This head looks AMAZING down by the ball. Will try to hit it tomorrow morning.
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