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  1. Man that's pretty nice. However, it makes me think that if there are already thousands of orders in, if I order on the actual official preorder date, I ain't getting them till like October.
  2. Hmmm, so I need more height and spin on my irons. I hit it far enough. -T100 with their higher lofts or -T100S bent weak with faster face (and guessing lower CG) What would you do?
  3. If so, that would likely make it spring 2022 for North America.
  4. Was thinking of preordering the new T100 but now these are totally back in the mix. Well-timed release of that Japan video. All I needed to hold off.
  5. So is this going to be like the g425 realese? Asia and Australia first, then the rest next year in the spring? If so, some people will be paying $$$$$ to get these early.
  6. The cavity on the t100 is filled with prov1x and the t100s has prov1.
  7. This is exactly the story from the first iteration of their titanium insert starting like 10 years ago. MP 58's were the first I think...could be a model or two before that. Its lighter titanium that the forge together with the carbon steel.
  8. 1. Tsi2 15* stock Tensei av white 75 stiff. Everything stock, picked this up with some trade in credit. Played one round. Basically new. Headcover included. No wrench. $240 shipped 2. Zipcore black 50 mid and 54 full grind. Played 4 rounds. Stock everything. Excellent condition for a used wedge. 54 shows a touch more face wear than the 50. $sold each shipped or both for $sold.
  9. Prob need a new thread for these
  10. Someone called the insert on the PING i210 "the toaster". Lol, this kind of looks like it has a toaster insert in the longer irons while the shorter may be solid 1 piece. Love it. Love the Mizuno Pro script, might be worth ordering from Japan.
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