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  1. I just emailed with Srixon support to get an update. I was just curious. I ordered 1/9. They said exotic shafts are 2-3 weeks lead time typically and covid can add on top of that. Currently, they are scheduled to get the MMT 105 shafts I ordered on the 29th and then 5-7 business days to build so I may get them second week of Feb. I seriously hope all the Koepka hype train orders don't make the heads unavailable by the time it is my turn to have them built.
  2. Great condition. 60TX flex. Yes, this is the "Pro" version with the boron tip. Has the Callaway tour velvet align standard grip. Measures just under 44" tip to grip. Ordered direct from Callaway in a Mavrik driver last year and specified that I wanted the driver to play at 45.25". No tipping. Asking $220 shipped
  3. I think the topline look they chose helps differentiate them in a VERY crowded player's iron space. Kind of like how PING has a certain "look" to their irons. Srixon has that signature straight/flat topline. Personally, I like seeing a bit of meat up there, makes me think that if I catch it higher on the face it's not going to numb my hands and elbows for 20 minutes.
  4. Sweet! Just ordered a Ventus Red for my 3 wood to try, not knowing the profile comparisons. Played Tensei Pro White 70TX in 3 wood for the past two years. This year I switched down to a 13.5 head and I like it but after no gym time for a year, the White in TX is a little hefty. I was thinking, hey, I'll give the Red a shot and maybe I'll get a bit more launch and spin. I like to buy and try and resell rather than getting fit sometimes. I got the 7S. Now, a totally out of left field impulse buy/project is looking like it may be a pretty good fit since I really enjoy the Whiteboard profile. The
  5. Yeah, he was injured for a good amount of time.
  6. Was told by DD's 3-4 weeks. Not sure if this is just their standard disclaimer these days or if it was an actual estimate from Srixon (likely due to the MMT shafts I ordered)
  7. SOLD Head only. 9*. I don’t know the head weight, CT, lie angle or actual loft. Bought from JD’s clubs. Hit at the range a bunch off of plush mats with rubber tees. Only played one round, so has only seen grass/dirt very briefly. Comes with OEM 14g and 2g weights. Also included is an aftermarket 6g weight. Headcover included. Asking $350 shipped.
  8. Anyone go weaker in the loft on the 5's or 7's? I had the z745's briefly and don't remember them being low launching low spinning, but I am low launch already so don't need help with that. Thinking of the 5-pw on the x7's one degree week except for the PW. Maybe an x5 in the 5 iron 2 degrees weak. My company is allowing us to get reimbursed for golf clubs as exercise equipment this year! So I need to be buying something new. Thinking about building an entire backup/secondary bag.
  9. I gave the 410 hybrid a shot on a whim and knew it was going to sound kind of metallic but was actually pretty surprised how much I ended up liking the sound and feel. Of course, the fact that it just pops up in the air and goes 200 every time probably helps.
  10. yes, un-tipped. I think Fuji recommends not tipping their driver shafts, but there are people on here with way more knowledge on that stuff than me. This is also the first time I am playing a driver at 45.5" and the first time in a while that I am trying the lower spin version of a driver head with the TSi3. Previously had TS2 driver, G410 Plus and Standard Mavrik, and Mavrik Triple diamond with a super heavy weight in the back setting. That was another factor in going 6S. I thought that the softer flex might give me a touch more launch and spin. And of course the Velocore marketing, has me b
  11. I was fit for the 3 wood in TX, untipped, heaviest head weight, so it probably plays a bit softer than normal. I was not fit for the Ventus Black but was suggested Atmos Black TS in Stiff in my last fitting so I decided to gamble a bit and go Ventus Black 6S. I just wanted to give it a try. In Stiff, it definitely feels looser than the Tensei Pro White I had in my other driver in 60TX. I was just pretty sure Ventus Black in 6x would be too stiff for me. I am generally around 105-108 with a much shorter backswing than I used to have. I feel like maybe Finau but like 25 mph slower. I've had grea
  12. My Ventus Black 6S is working well for me In all seriousness, it is a very good shaft for me. It has some life to it and I can actually hit it both ways most of the time that I try which I like. Thinking of trying a Blue 7S or 8S for my 5 wood. Maybe a red....I dunno, I tend to not like the stiff handle, soft tip profiles. Probably unload/release it too early for that profile which either hooks or causes thin strikes in my experience. I got my 13.5 TSi2 fairway and I am not sold on it, I may not have the speed for it for anything beyond just off the tee anymore. I
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